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Quote: Originally Posted by somecallmebj The possible uses are endless. It just always comes up. That's what she said.
Ah. I imagine those would be fine then. I just assumed you wanted them for fashion reasons because that's why she posted them. Sperry's are nice. I like them a lot more than most sandals. I'm planning on ordering a pair in June. Haha.
Quote: Originally Posted by dziner82 i tried explaining maybe why some people thought those were terrible, and then also tried to clarify what he was really looking for, then tried to give him some visual examples of alternatives. i agree that what i posted may have had the same end result, but i tried to take a very different path to try and get there... plus i never call anything someone posts/likes terrible, even if think it is and nowhere in my post...
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe im pretty sure this has been answered many times over: after wearing raw denim and it is time for its first wash/soak/whatever, what do i do? normal hand wash with soap then flat dry? what is a 'soak' consist of? thanks. also, how would you rank the quality of KMW, APC, iron heart, sugarcane, and nudie? what would be the order ? thanks When I soaked my Flat Head's I just ran a tub of really hot...
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl Manner mag man eben... Those are so good.
Quote: Originally Posted by jesskah Or is it DO NOT WANT because you think they're just ugly outfits? That's kind of the question I'm asking actually -- do men actually like to wear what women want their boyfriends to wear? Most women know nothing about clothing. I wouldn't. Though most guys really don't care/know better.
Quote: Originally Posted by hughesbryant Are you mocking me? I was just looking for some more ideas of clothing to add to my collection that matches who I am and what I wear. I could've come in here and said i want to know brands, but I brought it down to a certain style. Make fun of who I am, but thats who i am
I'm still in. Though I've got a few things lined up for the first of June.
Do a search next time. The first thing that comes up after searching is the desert boot thread. Edit: You're the guy that started that Common Projects thread. Stop being so fucking lazy.
There is already a thread for small questions like this. Next time do a search or post it in the appropriate place. We're not here just to help you.
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