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Quote: Originally Posted by RanMan Thanks Homme. Hmm - replacing [ for ( doesn't seem to help. I still come up with an URL (http:// ect) instead of an underlined/linked title of post. Don't know code, so sorry for the lack of proper terminology. It needs to be [/url]
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus Just kidding. I agree with selbsttatig. This is so far from my own tastes it's hard to know what to think. I think it would be hard for anyone to really love floral print flared pants but I guess we'll find out. Yeah. Sort of like "Why the hell would someone wear that! Wait... Why would someone wear that?" If that makes any sense at all.
I am both utterly disgusted and intrigued.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol I am completely unsure how to feel about this.
Normally, but I think everyone just likes how the pieces look in those two photos and that's what they're excited about. At least I am.
The only stuff I've ever looked at on Zappo's are the shoes so I'm not sure. I really doubt they have any jeans that are liked by people here though.
I've really wanted that A.P.C. weekend bag ever since I first saw it.
Quote: Originally Posted by nemuu You guys don't get this? I don't think it's so much how it actually looks on her but how those particular garments look together in those photos.
Nice armpit. Lace your shoes.
It's possibly the photograph. I don't think I'd like it all that much if I saw her on the street but I love it here (well from the ankles up).
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