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They're black. I got them from here but it looks like they've only got the white left.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisneils what do you mean? where are these jordan flight 23's ?? Quote: Originally Posted by sheeptoken Right there.
I think the shirt's shrunk too much for my liking (damn AA). Everything looks a bit slimmer IRL. Detail of the shoes.
Maybe. Most of us don't like trendy or popular clothes because it's ugly, poorly made, overpriced, or well, trendy. Stick around though. It might rub off on you.
Quote: Originally Posted by cazten Sigh... Whatever I didnt think it would be that big of a deal for someone to throw me a bone and spit out a few brands you thought would cater around my needs, that I could then go research further. Do I need designer name brand to get laid: NO Would it be nice to be the guy who doesnt have to put in the extra effort to make up for the instant attraction a "Young" girl often gets from seeing a guy in expensive designer...
Quote: Originally Posted by iLLmAtiCiAn I'm a short dude though, 5'7 lol so it's especially hard buying any t-shirts that aren't fitted since they always seem to stretch too long for my taste. Hem them.
Quote: Originally Posted by tyates Just got these from Quoddy a few weeks ago. Definitely work the 4-6 week wait. Those look ridiculously nice.
I just bought that last pair of black smalls. I'm really wanting to see the navy.
Alright. Thanks.
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