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I'm really liking Spring Courts right now. I'm trying to decide between solid or perforated though.
38" chest on the smalls? Really?
What colors are the pants going to come in? If you've got a dark grey or maybe a navy I'll probably get a pair.
Does anyone have any recommendations for some slim dark gray trousers? I'm looking for something like this.
Link doesn't work.
At night. Depending on when I work I'll sometimes work out during the day and take a shower after that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger I'd actually even suggest sizing up on some RRL tshirts. I usually wear a M and have to wear a large in their 'basic' Ts. Their sizing is so bizarre, sometimes a L is super fitted and sometimes its gigantic. I'd really try anything on first before buying if possible. I picked up a Tanner dark brown leather card holder, and after keeping it in my back pocket it's already starting to pick up indigo from my jeans. Is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Anamoly Somebody answer the dude im interested as well. The sleeves or the cunt trimmer?
Thank god. Dealing with differing opinions really ruffles my feathers.
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