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I'm thinking about getting a pair of A.P.C. New Cures. I'm wanting a skinny fit, not slim. So should I probably size down two?
Thanks guys. I've decided not to tailor it. I was just wearing a tee underneath and I tried it on with a sweater today and I like the look of it. Any other suggestions for jeans?
I just bought this coat recently and I have a few questions about getting it tailored. I think I want to have the sleeves shortened just a bit and have the waist taken in a little. Thoughts? I'm looking for a pair of jeans that are similar to these. I'd like something that doesn't taper as much past the knee and I'd like some stacking. I'm thinking getting a pair of Super Slim Kims sized down one. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by WorkingTitle I am about to purchase this coat and need to decide between a medium and a large. I would hate to buy it and have it be too big as large. But medium might be taking a risk. I am 5"11 and 145 lbs if that means anything. I wear small/medium clothes usually jackets I wear small. I'm about the same, a little shorter, 5'10" or so. I wear small AA tees that fit excellently. The chest size is 34-36 so I'm...
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