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Quote: Originally Posted by kookydooky How about if you wear a long sleeve shirt and wear a different shirt underneath it everyday, The clothes would still be clean so would htat be a big deal What would be the point?
BoO, S2A, Patrick Ervell, Robert Geller, Nom de Guerre.
Quote: Originally Posted by why Yes. -1
Quote: Originally Posted by spreadcollar those shoes aren't particularly unique looking, but i do like them -- does anyone know what they are exactly? They look like Opening Ceremony.
A tentative in for me. I'll probably buy something but I'm just trying to keep my spending as low as possible this month.
Uh, Sperry Topsiders? I don't think they'd really shrink at all.
I don't like them at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Serg Close up shows alot of detail you can't find on the net. The fabric is just plain awesome. ndg western shirt Flathead 310's Spring courts The shirt is awesome.
1. They will stretch. 2. They will soften up. 3. They will fade. Edit: beat me to it.
Interesting. Let us know when you find out.
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