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Quote: Originally Posted by mimesis levi's stf are workable, and really cheap. i think good society can be found pretty cheaply too. btw, they're are two stickies you could have used for this single question about jeans How does the OP have 177 posts and somehow absolutely ignore those?
Quote: Originally Posted by gmku Nah. Ever see Keith Richards? He does the skinny pants and blousy shirt combo all the time. It can work. You become consistently more annoying with every post.
Quote: Originally Posted by jasong I'm new here and obviously didn't see that pinned forum. But thanks for being a complete asshole about it. I don't care that you're new. It's just annoying to have five new worthless threads cluttering up the main page because the OP's were too lazy to look to see if there was somewhere more appropriate for their question.
Quote: Originally Posted by converge Thanks for shitting up my thread twice. Thanks for shitting up the forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bona Drag This is one reason I've started to get back into hype sneakz.* I'm moving to a place where shorts are pretty much crucial for a lot of the year, and I'd love to do Sperrys/Chucks/Vans with no socks, but it ain't gonna happen. Air Max 1s, 90s, and Dunks* look pretty decent with those ankle/no show socks, imo. Plus they're comfier and more durable than basic canvas stuff. You're wearing Dunks and stuff...
There was a thread started about this on SuFu today too. Though it was a poll.
I don't understand why all you noobs are so fucking lazy.
What is so hard about using the small questions thread? Are you really that incapable?
This is almost next level.
Sizing down might or might not be necessary depended on what pair of jeans you decide to go with to account for stretching. It'll be hard for anyone to really suggest anything until you say how much you're willing to spend, what sort of silhouette you want, etc.
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