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Quote: Originally Posted by dr-fashion Ok I have worn denim for a long time, tried all different jeans, started with Levis,then diesel, replay etc. But now i wear Edwin, Blueblood and True Religion. These 3 brands are awsum and i would recommend you buying them, I live in chesterfield and i get all my clothes from Sa-kis in sheffield, its a independent store. Any way serach online for BlueBlood and Edwin, Sa-kis are launching their website so may be...
Quote: Originally Posted by dziner82 as you can see on this board you sill get alot of "those are terrible... why don't you get these?" which i cannot imagine is very helpful. Wait, what? That's basically what you just did. And the ones you posted were terrible too.
Ask a Question, Get an Answer - please ask all quick questions here
The vest is awesome.
They made me take it down.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty Also, I would like to point out that sebastigg or whatever his name is, probably one of the primary culprits to whom the OP is referring, is making fun of fun of the OP for taking the forum too seriously. THINK ABOUT IT FELLOWS. That was my intent. And I do realize that's a bit hypocritical since I was doing so much flaming yesterday.
Please, no one try to help this guy.
I think I'm just going to ignore these from now on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus He was flexing his internet balls. EDIT: gmku edited his post on me. Used to say something like "Why would you say that? Because it goes against the SF norm? Because I mentioned an aging Brit rocker?" Alright, alright. I'm done being a douche.
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