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Does anyone think it would be possible to dye one of these without ruining the leather?
Will do. Thanks.
Tote, messenger or brief.
Who the hell makes a decent bag? I'm having a hard time finding one I like. I just need it to hold a laptop, notebook, maybe a couple magazines.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Dapper Fellow Hmmm I searched tunic and an Indian type of clothing came up which was very loose and I don't think he could be wearing that because what he is wearing looks tight and fitted well plus of a soft material which the tunics are not. He is very thin, so you must be right.
Has anyone seen the MacAlister boots in anchor grey? I'm wondering if they're closer to something like the grey Clarks, or if they're sort of dirtier like they seem on the website. I'm trying to decide between those or the olive, but my store doesn't have the grey.
Any more pictures of the pants by chance? I'm interested in what the fabric's like and I can't quite tell.
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