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++1  same experience here Re the sale - I was at W Broadway on Sunday and had them put aside one item.  The current sale is limited  - and not impressive.Why are there no sale items online? Someone mentioned that RRL was going to stop clearing out via the Polo outlet stores, TJMax etc.  That they would rather eat the leftovers than sell them at a fraction on the dollar. Most people only buy RRL when on sale - the quality is not worth the price when at full retail, and...
Which pieces are in the ranch collection? I am looking at some of the cotton sweaters.
anyone venture to say how this winters aircraft fits this year? I size up to a 52 on the Cameraman to accommodate sweaters.
Google around the web and take a closer look at some pictures. Unionmade' photo shows it to be more grey/black. Inventory's photo shoes it to be a true blue. Quite a different feel imho (as I also liked it)
Isn't the first RRL sale due to hit shortly - sometime early October?
Rant or no rant I bought half a dozen RRL winter shirts last year and I do not wear each one that frequently - I own a lot of shirts.  EXTREMELY disappointed to find out that one already has the fabric starting to rip - most likely worn and washed about 6 times. RRL shirts are nice - only when they are on sale.  Much the same with all of RRL stuff - the quality is average and the same as most other brands (polo, Jcrew and everyone else's) made in China stuff.  They can go...
I understand exactly what they are - I did not buy them - simply commenting on what MY viewpoints are. I buy plenty of EG and I have purchased Needles Mohair sweaters and wool sport coats.  Quality mohair for the sweaters and quality wool for the sport coats.  If I want Pakistan flannels purchased by the pound I will go to Kohls or Walmart.  If I want the novelty of "reconstituting one thing into another" - which I do consider valid as a design point - at least let it be...
Made in Pakistan (or where ever) and rebuilt in Japan - sorry that does not fly by me.  Not too thrilled to hear that.  Lets be honest - cotton shirts from Pakistan are of a certain quality level (the lowest) - India better (imho)  - and upward along the scale.  Target and Kohls have shirts made in Pakistan - they don't cost what Needles cost.  If you are going to charge premium prices at least use somewhat premium materials.
How does the Mallory vest fit?  I consistently wear a 50 in the Mallory and summer Notch Camo jacket while I upsize to a 52 on the Cameraman.  I had the Donkey here for a trial and unfortunately it did not fit well (for me).  Size 50 was way too tight on the shoulders (and stiff due to the thick seams of the leather and wool) while the 52 was a bit better in the shoulders while a bit floppy in the body.  Qualify that - even the 52 was still a bit stiff up top.  Shame as it...
I take a 9 in the Moc Toe while I need a 9.5 in the 3 eyelet chukka (slimmer last)
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