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Brand new Engineered Garments SS14 Navy Wool Cinch Pant w/tag Size 34 true to size and measures exactly 34 in the waist - too tight for me. I purchased this together with the Andover Navy Wool jacket size L I will most likely keep the Andover however if you are interested (to make a suit) please ask (although I most likely will keep it). Paypal
Is the pant pictured above underneath the Expedition jacket the Fatigue pant? If so is that the brown canvas? Seems more like a beige in the picture.How does the brown homespun expedition jacket fit? I take size L in the Bedford and Andover while a took a size M in last years FW reversible wool Bal coat and Nyco Field Parka.
What about green ripstop fatigue pant in size M?
Thanks! How does one do that google link reply- it's great!
Anyone have links to extensive pictures of the upcoming FW14 collection?
Thanks- I already knew about those two- forgot to mention them. Does the website ship outside of Japan and do they have a return policy?Sorry for derailing this thread.
Where do people buy Blue Blue Japan (mentioned several times in this thread)? The only places I know about are Mr. Porter, Unionmade, and sometimes Norse store.
Does Viberg reply to emails?  If they sell online one would think they would.  I was interested in trying my first pair from their website and emailed on Monday - yet to hear a reply.  Strange as if they have an ecommerce site one would think they would be interested in replying to potential customer inquiries in a timely manner. I believe that someone from here works for them however I do not expect an email because of a posting on this site - that should not be...
 Add me too - going to make my first listing in the for sale section of a brand new navy tropical wool cinch pant w/ tags and labels - size 34PM me if anyone is interested
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