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And what about the mid brown/tobacco corduroy Truman's?
What is the Trickers name for the Tankers on the 4497 last as pictured above? I would love to do a makeup of the exact shoe (Brown suede or even a Rust suede) with Natural welt however using a Commando sole instead of the Dainite sole as pictured.. Any takers?
I will never forget the first time I ran into EG - it was at Liberty's store in London in June of 2010.  Imagine my surprise when I, as someone who grew up in NY and now lives an hour away in the suburbs, looked at the label and saw "Made in New York".  Bizarre - I had never had heard of the brand and never ran into it in any of the NY stores.   I still find it bizarre that the "flag ship store" is so small and only carries one of each size.  When things hit if you are...
Brown homespun is AWESOME! I picked up a pair of Truman pants and CPO in this material. Nice soft hand and 100% wool.
I really think SNS needs to take a long hard look at their manufacturing and sizing.  Last year was my first attempt at purchasing their sweaters.  After I think what I went through with sizing (I ended up with a XXL Stark and a L Ion - and I am normally a 50 in Cabourn and a L in EG Bedford) I would NEVER consider purchasing their sweaters without the ability of easy and cost free returns.  I purchased mine through Mr. Porter (I live in the US) and, even though I am a...
I bought the heavy brushed grey Fatigues size 34. They fit the same as the SS mediums. The AW14 green is nicer than the SS (imho). My daughter called the SS OLIVE "unnatural"- I agreed and sent them back. Hope that helps.
 I visited Nepenthes on Monday and bought quite a few items from the new collection (2 pants, 2 shirts, cpo).  While I took a size L in this summers work shirts this time around I took a Medium.  They run big.Very nice collection this season.  Great guys at Nepenthes - it is just a shame that the flag ship store only stocks one of each size - they really need to work on that.
Brand new Engineered Garments SS14 Navy Wool Cinch Pant w/tag Size 34 true to size and measures exactly 34 in the waist - too tight for me. I purchased this together with the Andover Navy Wool jacket size L I will most likely keep the Andover however if you are interested (to make a suit) please ask (although I most likely will keep it). Paypal
Is the pant pictured above underneath the Expedition jacket the Fatigue pant? If so is that the brown canvas? Seems more like a beige in the picture.How does the brown homespun expedition jacket fit? I take size L in the Bedford and Andover while a took a size M in last years FW reversible wool Bal coat and Nyco Field Parka.
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