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Only piece I have is the Notch Camo sport coat from SS 13 - great piece
Why don't you just return them to Mr. Porter?
Which service boots- plain toe? Cap toe? Sole? I assume color 8 shell cordovan?
Are the Ippudo jackets available - and if so where?
Sizes are Viberg sizes - not US sizes.Correct Fok?
Missed out too. Always liked it
Thank you for the reply.You are correct- the Mr Porter boot had a toe box which you could drive a truck over! I can see how many would want something softer.Once again - thank you for opening this up.
Please explain what Viberg considers "partially-structured toe-boxes" to be? In traditional shoe manufacturing a toe box is made out of "Salpa" which is regenerated cuoio (leather shavings) impregnated with glue.  This is available in varying degrees of hardness and thickness.  Sometimes (in cheaper shoes) it is also made out of a thermoplastic material.  The toe box is placed in between the shoe lining and the leather upper.  Once placed in between it is heated and "pre...
+1 - order placed Thank you for your help in putting this together   PS - what was the original ETA on this run?
 +1 - as per my PM to you I am in. Thanks to someone else for posting the specifications.  It appears to be identical to the Mr. Porter boot which I (unfortunately) returned due to needing a 1/2 size. I do not want to rock the boat however, having worked in the shoe industry for more than 25 years, I am not thrilled with an unstructured toe i.e. no toe box used in construction.  It makes sense for Moccasin construction which inherently, by nature, does not have a toe box,...
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