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I forget- when does the first sale of this initial Spring delivery take place?
Sorry but not true - END's service is impeccable. As for measurement discrepancies EVERY online etailer has them. I called END last week to ask them to reconfirm some measurements. They went into the warehouse, took new measurements, and called me back in the States all within 1/2 hour. If that is not service than I don't know what is.
Anyone been into the stores lately- I am looking for feedback on the new denim work jacket. Are the new season slim fit jeans a new tweaked fit? Finally- remind me as I forget- when is the first round of sales- Easter?
I had a 50 and 52 to try on at the beginning of the season - they simply do not fit. Quite a shame as, imho, they are beautiful.I will not name names however the retailer from whom I purchased (and returned) told me they sent them all back to Cabourn.
I am still confused by the Everest fit. I take a size 50 in Mallory's and Spring Camo notch and a 50 in this years chunky zip sweater. I up sized my winter Camerman so as to accommodate sport coats or sweaters underneath. The photographs by END indicate that the very tall and thin model wears a size 50. In the fit pictures the size 50 looks very precise on him. (I am 5'10" and 175). My problem is somewhat broad shoulders
Re the Donkey jacket A BEAUTIFUL piece- I had a size 50 and 52 here They simply do not fit well! The shoulders are WAY to small and the the seams where the leather sleeves meet the wool shoulders are too bulky. I was told by a retailer that they had quite a few returned due to fit. Just a heads up warning to people. I am so in love with that jacket however I cannot go back again to it even on sale
Anyone know where there are any Heavy Twill Plaid Workshirts in size M? I have a red one which I love and would like to get a blue one. I am Stateside. Thanks
Still looking for Army color duffle coat this season in size 50 - anyone?
What in the world is with crazy UNIONMADE in San Francisco??? It is like they took all the RRL product which has been on sale for the past three weeks and brought it into their store - and put it all up at full price.   Who in their right mind will buy any of it - especially when considering that it all could have been had for 40% off since Thanksgiving.   Bizarre
Thanks Still think it is annoying-especially considering that Red Wings are manufactured here.
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