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Tried it on.  It is definitely not dark wash - the photo is more or less accurate.  It fits big - I am normally a large in RRL sweaters and the Medium fit me.  I am waiting to see it if goes on sale - $580 is ridiculous.
Yes they are.  I need to bump this thread today.   Put them on once for a minute (carpeted floor) and knew right away they were not for me.  They are still sitting in the box.  Wrong size ordered - live and learn
Based upon the multiple comments above I guess my similar impression that my newly arrived natural CXL's are snug is not so far fetched.  I ordered an 81/2 (which is also my Trickers Stow size) because the Mr. Porter size 9 which I tried on were a bit long.  These are the right length however they are a bit snug.  Shameless plug - that is why they are now in the marketplace.  This is why I hate purchasing without the ability to try on or return.  Live and learn I guess.  I...
Anyone Stateside have the Ghurka jacket preferably in the Tan color? Another question - it was always stated that the material was French cotton yet The Bureau Belfast has a detailed picture where the label seems to show Rayon/Polyester blend?
Listed in B & S section - sorry. Thanks
Listed in B & S section. Thanks
Current Stylelforum Viberg MTO Natural CXL cap toe size 8 1/2 new. Simply do not fit. New and unworn. Same as current Mr. Porter http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/viberg/rubber-soled-leather-lace-up-boots/523147 Price as paid to Fok Best Gregg
OK THANKS- I have never sold anything here before. I will list in the buy and sell
Actually - I have never sold anything here. Should it be listed in the buy and sell?
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