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Who is having a preview sale?
An archived Unionmade page shows their measurements for the M and L.  There does not appear to be much difference between the two - I am afraid however.  I am 5'10" and the first time I tried on a MH sport coat the salesperson had me try on a Medium ( I have broad shoulders).  I thought he was crazy however it fit quite well.  That is my only experience with MH - although I just bought a 50/50 SS cotton/cashmere sweater from Mr Porter which I took a large in.  I am just...
How does last winter seasons green pea coat fit?
I had the Denim Chore coat (sent back) in size Medium. The Hawkins definitely runs smaller- I would need a large
Which Hawkins is that? Is it a new color? I received the greenish khaki color last week (fits small)
Yes- brain freeze. It was Prince which closed
Bleecker is closedThe mansion actually has a nice assortment. It is amazing how much of the collection they can cram into one single (large) room.Obviously West Broadway is the best- it is the flagship.If you go there walk around the corner and go into the Polo store - it is huge.
West Broadway
Not true. I just bought the Denim Chore Jacket which still appears at full price on the website. Received 40% off from the store.
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