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I rather like the Ring Coat in vintage Melton which The Bureau Belfast had.  It sold out immediately.     https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/4879/khaki-wool-ring-coat   Any idea who else carries it?  Blue In Green had it (sold out in large sizes) and they also have another one which is considerably more expensive.  I am curious as to the differences between the...
EXACTLY.  It is a constant source of aggravation for me.  Funny you mentioned the Griggs jacket.  When I first saw the picture online I absolutely fell in love with it.  Once I saw it in person at the store what a disappointment.  You would think they would wake up to this fact - it sure would start to reduce the, what I imagine to be, large number of returns due to the item looking different from the online photo
Where do you enter the code?  Does not seem to take it
 As someone who manufactured mens shoes in Italy for 25 years may I say that Richard's analysis is spot on and 100% accurate in line with proper shoe manufacturing techniques. With regards to the rubber heel components prematurely wearing out  - agreed.
What give in style promo? Did not receive or read about it starting yet
I have the same problem with Cabourn that I have with Engineered Garments.  While I bought both lines for two seasons I now find that each simply repeats the same thing over and over again.  EG - Bedford sport coat in Blue or Green - season after season after season.  Cabourn - Mallory - Cameraman - Everest Parka - season after season after season.  I already own a winter Mallory and I already own a winter Cameraman.  I already own a spring Camo Tenzig.  Show me something...
Surprised no one picked up that Mr. Porter listed the Sashiko Chore coat this morning. I have a SS one from 2 years ago and am psyched to give this one a try. Arrives on Monday
However I really have not seen much product at the online stockists other than some sweaters
Which truckers last is being used and how does it compare (fit wise) to the more commonly used 4497 and 4444 lasts (which run 1/2 UK size difference between the two)
New Posts  All Forums: