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Bought that myself about 2 months ago direct from Cabourn at full price.  Beautiful piece.  At least the fit is much better than the version with leather several seasons ago - the retailer told me they sent them all back.  I did find this seasons to fit slightly large.  I am a 50 in Mallory and a 52 in the Cameraman (to fit a sweater underneath).  I ended up with a 50 in this one.
The answer is simple.  Contact your credit card company and suspend the charge.  Reason - ordered one item and received something completely different.  It is END's responsibility to correct THEIR ERROR.  Don't pay - it really is quite easy
Some feedback from anyone considering:   Received my first boxes from the 40% sale.  Sizing - arrggggg.  Aggravating.  I am consistently a size Large in RRL sweaters for the past 5 years.  Just received the indigo cotton/linen shawl, the black cotton/linen mock neck, and the cotton baseball bomber with chest patch.  All three in size Large fit exactly like a size Medium - or smaller !  Terrible.  I now have all three coming in size XL and I will report back when they...
Lets keep our eyes and ears open.  I would love another Luxottica type leak
if you google it appears that this pop up shop was open only in September and is not closed?
Which other items are on the sale?  I nabbed the denim jacket at the last one and am quite happy with it
I will add my comments to the equation as I knuckled down and also bought the denim jacket at the very last minute. I am not much of a denim jacket guy (don't like "denim on denim") however I LOVE this jacket. Slim fit is great as I want to use it as a layering piece under other things- the weight is just perfect and comfortable- and agree that the gold buttons are gorgeous. I also would have loved to see the gold buttons carried over to the back side - a major bummer for me.
Donkey jacket - not heavy at all.
For anyone interested here is some feedback on this years Donkey Jacket.  As mentioned in my previous post the original wool/leather version from twol seasons ago was effectively unwearable.  This was confirmed to me by the retailer from whom I purchased the original.  They sent their entire inventory back to Cabourn. This years Donkey is magnificent.  Typical Cabourn - not too much bling but just an classy well made heritage original.  I am 5'10" 175 pounds and in my mid...
Anyone see or try on the new Donkey jacket? Does it fit better than previous seasons? I tried it two seasons ago however it was impossible to wear due to the leather sleeves. Where the sleeves met the body the interior shoulder seam was too thick ( due to the leather meeting the wool ). I also seem to remember the upper chest and shoulders feeling a bit snug on this jacket. I am a 50 in the Mallory and take 52 in the Camerman so I can wear a sweater underneath
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