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Thanks for the reply. I had my hopes up for this season's as the measurements posted on SuperDenim's website are different from last years.  My hope was that this season's version would fit - I don't think I am willing to take another try.
Has anyone tried this seasons Donkey Jacket? I tried to buy one last season however the fit was terrible. The shoulders were way too narrow and on top of that it was impossible to wear the jacket. The inside seams where the leather sleeves met shoulders were unbelievably thick and protruding. The retailer told me everyone complained and they sent the entire lot back to Cabourn. Shame as it was the nice army green/stone color with brown leather details
Thanks Too bad then that they don't have my size 8 1/2
What last are Lawrence boots- and how do they fit compared to 4444/4497?
I have been eyeing those Monkey boots for a while - GORGEOUS! I wonder how they fit! I take a 91/2 in the chukka and 9 in everything else How can those of us in North America cop a pair? I am really getting tired of RW releasing such great shoes overseas when those of us who live in the States cannot get our hands on them. The damn shoes are made here!
Oh thank you. Finally someone else shares my same opinion.For the life of me I cannot understand how most retailers continue to buy the same thing season after season. How many seasons can they continue to carry the Bedford in Navy Serge? They can reply that it is a staple however most seem to only sell on sale.
I rather like the Ring Coat in vintage Melton which The Bureau Belfast had.  It sold out immediately.     https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/4879/khaki-wool-ring-coat   Any idea who else carries it?  Blue In Green had it (sold out in large sizes) and they also have another one which is considerably more expensive.  I am curious as to the differences between the...
EXACTLY.  It is a constant source of aggravation for me.  Funny you mentioned the Griggs jacket.  When I first saw the picture online I absolutely fell in love with it.  Once I saw it in person at the store what a disappointment.  You would think they would wake up to this fact - it sure would start to reduce the, what I imagine to be, large number of returns due to the item looking different from the online photo
Where do you enter the code?  Does not seem to take it
New Posts  All Forums: