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Question- I own two pair of Chukka's and two moc toe boots - all on the white wedge sole. I would like to try my first pair of Iron Rangers in Hawthorne Muleskinner however it will be my first pair not on the white sole. How is the comfort factor on the IR sole. My white wedge soles are about the most comfortable shoes I own.
I take a 50 in the Mallory and Spring Camo notch jackets. I am a 52 in the Cameraman as I want to wear a thick sweater underneath it. So I would say the sweater fits true to size. I have a size 50 of last seasons beige zip cardigan which I might have worn two times (it is too thick for me). PM if you are interested.
How is the sizing marked - 38? 40? How does it fit as I believe it is Japanese market product?Is it more of a jacket or more like a shirt?Thanks
Re Shoprunner.   The Polo site says that items which ship Shoprunner will have a logo on the product page.  I do not see many items with the Shoprunner logo.  Looking to order two jeans - no Shoprunner logos anywhere.
Thanks for the reply. I had my hopes up for this season's as the measurements posted on SuperDenim's website are different from last years.  My hope was that this season's version would fit - I don't think I am willing to take another try.
Has anyone tried this seasons Donkey Jacket? I tried to buy one last season however the fit was terrible. The shoulders were way too narrow and on top of that it was impossible to wear the jacket. The inside seams where the leather sleeves met shoulders were unbelievably thick and protruding. The retailer told me everyone complained and they sent the entire lot back to Cabourn. Shame as it was the nice army green/stone color with brown leather details
Thanks Too bad then that they don't have my size 8 1/2
What last are Lawrence boots- and how do they fit compared to 4444/4497?
I have been eyeing those Monkey boots for a while - GORGEOUS! I wonder how they fit! I take a 91/2 in the chukka and 9 in everything else How can those of us in North America cop a pair? I am really getting tired of RW releasing such great shoes overseas when those of us who live in the States cannot get our hands on them. The damn shoes are made here!
Oh thank you. Finally someone else shares my same opinion.For the life of me I cannot understand how most retailers continue to buy the same thing season after season. How many seasons can they continue to carry the Bedford in Navy Serge? They can reply that it is a staple however most seem to only sell on sale.
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