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How about a punch cap toe boot in suede instead (for the winter) something like copper (or similar) with a light welt and commando sole  
 ???Yea - meaning same size as my mod toe and round toe 6" boots?
Looking to get my 4th pair of Red Wings and I need some sizing advice.  I currently have  8131 Moc Toe 6" wedge size 9 8144 Round Toe 6" wedge size 9 Chukka boot 3 eyelet wedge - size up on these to a 9.5   I now want to buy a pair of Blacksmiths - same last as Beckmans  - last #8   go with the same size as my 6" boots listed above ???   Thanks
 I believe END's stating of "only one left" is marketing i.e. they only buy one per that size (while perhaps a central size like a 50 might have two pieces bought). With that said most retailers are only buying one per size - especially with items at these price points. I was looking at (and purchased) this seasons Donkey Jacket.  All sizes (46-48-50) are already sold out at the two retailers I have been following with only 52 and 54 remaining.  That is because they only...
PS Do people tend to size up on winter Cameramans? I sized up from my Mallory 50 to a 52 to accommodate a sweater underneath. How did last years Crazy Cameraman Camo fit compared to other seasons (my reference point again being AW12 Crazy C)
Agreed- that's the one I have along with the AW12 Crazy Cameraman. I really loved the AW13 Crazy Cameraman with the Camo sleeves and back however I felt it was too close to my AW12 one which as a army green MacIntosh upper.I think I saw a very large one floating around UShowU site - any others floating around in 52 (I up sized mine from my normal 50 to wear a sweater underneath)
  Hi Thanks for you email.  I can confirm that the Donkey Jacket collar is not stitched down – in the last couple of pics they have buttoned all the way up giving the impression that the collar is fixed down.  As for the leather hanging loop – the sample we have here definitely has one.  Our advice re sizing is that you stay true to a size 50 in this case as the jacket is a generous fit.  I've attached the sizing chart anyway which I hope will be of assistance.   Hope this...
Further kudos to the new Cabourn website.  Over the weekend I emailed my questions re the Donkey Jacket and I received a very thorough and nice reply this morning.
Sorry however I have to agree with the original poster - he is entitled to express his opinions on a forum (as long as he is not a troll or a continual basher).  Just because one purchases a brand there is no reason to be a fan boy and blindly accept that everything that the brand does is "gospel".  Some things are good and some are bad.  A forum is for an exchange of opinions and commentary - whether positive or negative.   I buy EG - some items I like and I consider...
Don't we all Even if I am repeating myself I must say that the Filson collaboration is SPECTACULAR. Great for Filson and great for Cabourn.
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