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Those appear to my Texan eye to be bullhide rather than shrunken shoulderCheers!
The two pair in my normal rotation are:   Dan Post Kangaroo Ropers in Black Cherry   Or Tony Lama Shrunken Shoulder Stockmans in Aztec
Everyone states they have fit issues -- did anyone actually use the fitting service at a Red Wing brick and mortar store to get properly sized?  I did that and purchased at the store for 25% off on a special that was running back in January.  The fit on mine was perfect.  I also know a couple of people that went to the store to be sized and then purchased online to save few bucks.  Just curious...
The Saddleback Thin briefcase is actually very close to the dark brown briefcase at the bottom of your post (3rd of 3 pictures) and is available in two sizes.
That is a VERY busy looking bag...
I carry a Saddleback Large Thin briefcase (Chestnut as well) every day and find the size to be perfect. I'm flying somewhere every week and it works really well for me. With all my travels, it's taking on some real "character". I could have gone with the medium, but I wouldn't have any extra capacity should the need arise.Cheers
I think they are both high quality boots, but are different styles.  The 1000 Mile is a dressier boot than the Iron Ranger, but they are both quality products.  Just different, along the lines of a high quality SUV vs a high quality sedan.  Both great, but different products.
I think it really comes down to your style preference.  They are both well made, high quality boots made with top notch materials by outstanding companies.  The RW's are an oiled leather so they won't shine up like the Wolverine's.   Personally, I opted for the Iron Rangers (see my avatar).   Again, that was my style preference.  If one strikes you more than the other, you can't go wrong with either in terms of quality materials and craftsmanship.
Without a doubt, especially their Heritage line (Iron Rangers, Gentleman Travellers, etc.).
I'm a huge fan of Iron Rangers (see avatar...).  I've gone through different chukkas but wanted a more classic, high quality leather boot that was a little more casual than the Gentleman Traveller or a Wolverine 1000 mile boot.  I've treated them with mink oil a couple of times, and they are probably the most comfortable shoes or boots I own.     Cheers!
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