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Hi Coolguy, I am not finding this site easy to use and have sent you a private message but cannot find evidence that it has actually been sent so here goes again! Like you, I like the feel and comfort of braces but wish I had been bold to wear them without embarrassment years ago. It seems to me that most braces wearers of my generation try to keep them hidden, whereas the youger guys I see wearing braces seem to be bold and let them be seen (sometimes dangling,...
Hi any more braces (suspenders) wearers out there who like the look and feel of braces whether with formal suit or a more casual look? I would be glad to hear from others.
Hi, I joined yesterday and think this site looks interesting. My particular interest is in wearing braces. Strange interest some may say, but I like the comfort, freedom and general appearance. Would love to hear from other braces wearers!
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