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If you wrist is tightly packed then could you not do sit ups and change certain chest exercises to work from the elbow up? Obviously nothing too strenuous but just enough to keep the existing muscle as it is.    Good luck with the recovery!
Surely people uncomfortable wearing a cape because They are not practical there would be  a lot of negative feedback as they are not particularly fashionable in this day and age Most people associate them with super heroes or Sherlock Holmes type characters   If none of this bothers you though. Enjoy caping it up!
Haha, Yeah, larger people are just way cooler/soulful/prone to diabetes  
Sorry, can't help you but remember. Only 1 fedora per group, MAX!  
Johnny Costa is really great
This does seem really odd. Its definitely a womans jacket though. Maybe Dior Homme items for women were in a 'mens' style. Just throwing that out there. Pretty ridiculous though
Really useful feedback. I appreciate it thanks. Its tough to get an honest opinion. I have asked so many people but often people close to you don't want to hurt your feelings and people in the industry just critique from there own angles with there own agenda.   I will start a redesign project and try to make it more upmarket and correct the issues I currently have. Hopefully this will improve my conversions (which is actually about 2% atm which isnt too bad). Thanks!
Baked Alaskan pollack with root vegatable... and some chips
I run a small business which sells money clips online ( if you're interested). Its about a year old now and I need to really start marketing it.   I have done the usual adwords and I have social media accounts but I really need something thats going to give me loads of exposure. Any ideas?? (anything that would not get me jailed is optimal... but not necessarily overlooked)
I still love my ted baker extreme. I know its really old now but i still get that "oh you smell really good" from girls which is all i need really 
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