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good day today ,set of 6 koefoeds "EVA"  chairs for $100...retail around a $1000 in MCM stores       this is what you want to look for on vintage teak stuff,any branded name etc   mint condition vintage Ray Ban Wayfarers 2 with B&L lenses    
so when the outgoing captain was describing how Fring was right in front of his nose the whole time and then they panned over to the look on hanks face,do you think it clicked in his head about Walt? 
the lounge chair mike was chilling in at his crib...i have the exact same one 
if you like Adam Scott watch a movie called WHO LOVES THE SUN. watched by chance a year ago when remote was too far to get up lol, really liked it 
i dont know whats more disturbing,the nipple or the item description.this guy is a cannibal in the making.
desk $200 all day long and twice on sundays
you know whats funny,i was discussing Lane with a store owner the other day. Lane stuff is huuuugely popular in denmark,i think its beacuse they have so much danish stuff (duh) that when they see something different they appreciate it.here in NA not so much,post a pic i will tell you how much i would sell it for.      ps riding is a fast twitch exercise,try weights (slow twitch)  and they will grow ,toe raises with a light weight on your shoulder
dude you gotta do some leg exercises,i have seen bigger legs hanging out of a nest. mid century chair in the back is nice though. sorry man but that whole outfit is a no go for me,mind you in 38 so i just dont get the whole hipster thing
ha,i have the same nato strap on my seiko skx007. thats a 44mm right,pretty big watch for a guy your size but somehow you pull it off
you infuriate me
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