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thats what i get for straying away from my bread and butter,MCM. todays finds   Clausen perfect condition sideboard       mint coffee table           you heard of the CADO wall system,this one is a much rarer Kai Kristiansen.everything made in denmark           
any verdict on the croc shoes guys,what do you think croc or no croc?  
mmmh,if something is in that box you pretty much won the internets for the month 
calling all shoe nerds... got these bad boys today,made in italy,hand made (artigiana lavorazione). what do you guys think,am i "rocking with my croc out" or have i been "croc blocked" ?                    
yeah they have pulled the bait and switch a few times in their previews,i have a feeling its going to be why is Skylar all moody all of a sudden.probably gonna accuse Hank of cheating or some shit.  
just watched Dorian Gray on the weekend,the one with Colin Firth.pretty good 
Dunhill doesnt usually cheap out
go with your instinct
also picked up these BEETHOVEN speakers,cant find anything on them .but i do know this,they blow every speaker i have ever had out of the water,deeeeeeeeeeeeep rich bass for such a small speaker.anybody ever hear of these?  $10 bucks real walnut cabs.            
^^^ even came with the original case    oh yeah i forgot,also the mother of all globe lamps    
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