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if you read the interview someone linked to vince gilligan has stated that there will be no happy ending for Walt
i think the way its going to end is Walt is going to wake up in bed with Bob Newhart and it was all a dream
^^^ inexcusable
its like a chick with a cold sore on her lip,you wanna avoid it if you can :) those things are banged around a lot (the desk not the chick) ,sooner or later they start crumbling. 
i have had a few and looked inside,nice big slices of it glued to the sides YIKES
be carefull they have asbestos in them,because they were made to be fireproof
lol this,i have two units right now (ten by ten) but at one point had 5 going at $200 a pop a month,i have scaled back because it was starting to take over my life. and yes,i get to the gym about once a week believe it or not just to get my cardio (30 min)  in and do some maintenance lifting  (30 min) other then that its all me lifting this stuff by myself...and guys NO SHOPPING CARTS!!!!  
not necessarily,but i think you guys are right..been had croc blocked 
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