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im in the business,20% is right on 
im wondering the same thing,maybe both?
best series finale ever if true
^^^^ "remember when i promised you i would kill you last...i lied"
i have a theory about what Mike said about Walt being a ticking time bomb. at first viewing i thought he meant that eventually he will hurt people ,around him,Jesse etc,i thought he was saying that Walt IS THE danger. but the more i think about it i think he meant that Walt IS IN danger. as in the cartel will try to take him out in due time and everyone around him will get taken out too,and thats why Mike doesnt wanna be around when it happens and doesnt want Jesse...
i accept your apology 
actually i was timed out for a year not permanently banned get your facts straight,but because of the system my old  user name never kicked back in. i did the crime i did the time,so 
ha that guys name was Bogdan,same as my dads.always cracked me up
you know this place went to hell when they allowed a guy like Frenchy to come back
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