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fucking awesome,can you give him a white vneck T and a bald head?
ironically thats close to resembling my head as i shave it with a mach 3 every 2 days (and thats a  full body overall shave ladies if youre lurking )   Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker 
so was anybody else surprised and impressed with Skinny Petes tickling of the ivories?
im over it    (i gotta get somebody to make a kicking a cart emoticon)
whoa what are you picking on me for man,what does your comment even mean? if you must know i fired off a few items to Spoo myself,im just sitting here minding my own business smoking a nice spliffy.  
true dat true dat
wow 2010 called
ah okay,sounded like a threat.we dont want that.
what does that even mean,i dont speak ghetto
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