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i have been talking about this paypal crap for over two years now,in canada (and most of europe as far as i know,i know i can do it with my Millenium swedish account and my deutsche bank account as well) you can send a person money through your bank account to another bank account all you need is their email. i think its called interac bank to bank payment,if Canada can do it why cant US banks? its just so fucking simple,no middleman...
crap i just sold mine today,had a pair of wayfarer II with the original case no less
i disagree,i think it wasnt about sincere man to man advice,it was about manipulating  Jesse to get rid of her. he doesnt care,as shown at the end of the episode when Jesse thought Walt was talking about the relationship when in fact he was talking about the money division. i think everything walt does and says now has a self serving purpose.  
then why did he break up with the chick,i think he meant his allegiance to Walt and not to her (not Mike) so he wouldnt have a security problem later on and have to dispose of them.
danish chair and foot stool today,great condition but whats up with the color     
exactly what i was thinking,if they had more time would love to see an ep on Skinny Pete and how he got to be "Skinny".   i rewatched  the speech Walt gave,and it can be taken two ways. 1) Jesse can tell the chick whats up but will be in danger,maybe even from Walt himself (i think it was a veiled threat and Jesse got it eventually) 2) if you notice he gave Jesse the Speech after he saw Brock,i guess he doesnt want to have to take him out  plus the mom permanently...
DM7 whats up  with the tiny print,some of us are in our thirties you know. (leaves to get spectacles)
lol,yessssss please. take your time
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