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i dont wanna  but can someone fill me in what the dust up was a couple of pages back about thrifted vs consignment items was? i have been lurking but have been very busy so missed it....did someone claim Consignmet finds as thrift finds? also where is DM7?
Frenchy is Frenchy
i may post a couple of things soon,all mind blowers of course :)
ja eine lange zeit,du hast recht. aber ich war immer hier...incognito oder so kann mann sagen
no need to discuss that,its in the past.i did the crime and did the time. focus on 2012 instead
oh Haaaaaai guys,your old pal Frenchy you may know i got a well deserved time out last may that was supposed to end end of may but for some reason didnt??? i THINK it was because of the new system change that it never was removed,i may be wrong and Fok may have left it just to screw with me. well anyway decided to create a new account,if its against the rules my bad. anyway give my word to keep my political views to myself this time,and hopefully will no...
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