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okay lets look at the Sopranos. whats so different about Walt and Tony? as a matter of fact Tony Sopranos is the first time a bad guy was the guy we rooted for on a tv series paving the way for assholes like House and serial killers like Dexter and wait for it...WALT. look it up.  my point about your point is taht as usual you are talking out of your ass,you claim you cant root for the guy anymore so somehow the show is less enjoyable? why? they dont have to be mutually...
also i would want to add that jessie has a lot of redeemable qualities,as he proved by saving the chicks life tonight and giving walt the only birthday gift he received.
some would argue that this is the most important of all redeeming human qualities. anyway my point is you WILL continue watching so your point is kinda moot.
so you are going to stop watching the show right? i guarantee you wont. you know who had the same problem...the Sopranos not one redeeming character on the whole show,didt really matter great show.
$325...i bet you wanna unfurl it now 
yup,a whole scarf.not a scarf print.
^^^ i think it is a Hermes,its a neck tie made out of a scarf.the hermes logo will be somewhere in there . i had one just like that awhile back,no hermes tag and just neiman -marcus on the end. curiousity got the better of me and i actually unfurled it (is that the proper word?) and its basically a scarf. (it was damaged so i didnt mind,dont do it to yours although i think a scarf would bring in more $$$)  
lol,by the way thanks for the avatar i appreciate it.  
ha,i actually have a full head of hair i just choose to shave it (really) and dont forget im in the great white north,no shortage of snow...well maybe last winter 
@mainy ,i had two pairs of those Kiton jeans about two years ago sold for $200 each on B/S here...i think FStyles bought them what ever happened to that guy he had some awesme stuff   found more furniture but who cares,how about these NOS 1967 Bombardier Ski Doo full body i need to thrift me a snowmobile                
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