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italian made Valentino Jeans shirts in peach and yellow summer colors,Brioni and very recent Burberry all in a large    
fair enough
excuse me but I wasn't trolling,go read the context of the convo first.the guy is very condescending so I told him he was talking nonsense and even explained in detail why.obvious cabal bias showing here.Rambo has said far worse to members in this very mod thread including them to shut the fuck up but I can't telll a guy he is wrong?anyway gonna let it I know a couple if people that aren't crazy about your character either.don't let the power go to your head,not so...
trust me I'm actuly holding back ,anyway whatever.
by people like me you mean people that think you are talking out of your ass when they disagree with you?and I was not banned I was timed out.mods I would like to report piobaire for defamation of character.
what I can't disagree with you and say that you are talking out if your ass? show me the post where I used foul language or anything defamatory in regards to you. you are very weak,can't take crticism so you run to the mods? weak sauce man,weak sauce.
man you are dim,i never said he wasnt unraveling or becoming what you say he is. the part you talking out of your ass is saying that it somehow diminishes the show or is becoming less entertaining . its probably your fave show and you dont even know it. problem is you are so entrenched in your WRONG point of view you cant even comprehend what the other person is posting.  
if anything rubbing out Skylar will endear him to me and countless fans even more  
ps  I noticed you backed right off what i said about JESSIE, so there goes that point.
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