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Agreed with the previous poster.  Fat loss mainly comes from a proper diet.  The same proper diet will make you relatively cut with pullups, pushups, and lunges.   I recommend reading   It is a blog about eating healthy for your heart, but is practically a fat blaster.  You have to go back a couple years into his archieve to read the good stuff.   Ie. I don't count calories at all.  I can get rail thin simply by eating...
I just received a lightly used pair of the tapered today.  The stitching is definitely better than my NF indigo revivals.
buy a few pairs, and return what you don't like to the store.
my dark vintage NF's in 2030 will command a premium ;)
del repost.
OMGITSSUMMER code $15 off.  free returns.
I have both.  I forgot to quote the post I was replying to.   I think the 514's are more tapered at the waist than the Slims (feel and look better higher).  The slims are straighter in the hip/waist area.(feel and look better lower)   Did you go with wierd guys for the fit or selection of denim?
    I wear 32 in levi 514 slims (perfect fit).     I currently wear NF slims at 32, they  probably fit the same as  33.5 in levis.   These are definitely designed for the hip instead the waist, so my 32's are working out.  Ideally I would of chosen 31's.  I can imagine 30's working if I was going for the super tight thigh look.
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