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The plain toe comes across sleeker, on account of the lack of broughing. I wear both all the time, with so many different clothes. I consider them among my best purchases.
I own both. They are the same color. There is always some color variation in cordovan leather anyway.
The color of the shoes has an effect too. Im convinced that brown shoes invariably age better than black ones. Im talking about calfskin only, as I think black cordovans age beautifully.
Naturalaut - a pocket square serves a purpose, if albeit infrequently. I dont make a habit of using them for real things, since they are fairly expensive, but just a few weeks ago a friend of mine burst out crying upon hearing some bad news and I gave her my square to dry her eyes. I agree with you on the lapel pin though.
Oxyclean may be the best invention ever produced if you have children. As the dad of a 2 year old, I have found oxyclean has been a tremendous help. All you do is start the machine, put in the oxclean powder, throw in the clothes, and let them soak for like 30 min, more if the stains are worse. You dont have to pre treat any specific spots. The stuff is amazing. You have to try it to understand how amazing it really is. It literally, in 2 years, has NEVER failed to get a...
I would get it shortened if its too long. Arvi's suggestion sounds great. You cant just tell someone to use a windsor or something similar without alot of other information. * What if the material of the tie is thick? A windsor knot would make a huge knot and look silly to the wearer. *The kind of collars he likes to wear arent mentioned. He might prefer collars that dont really look good with bigger knots. *He may not like big knots. I know I dont. I like a really...
Ive heard that many times, about Bond mistrusting anyone with a windsor tie knot. Note to James Bond fans - HES NOT A REAL PERSON. Id feel sorry for anyone who based their preference of tie knot on a fictional characters opinion.
Linen and cotton would be innapropriate lining materials because linings are supposed to be smooth and "slippery". Using cotton or linen would be totally against common sense in this regard. It would be like lining your pants with fine gauge sandpaper. Acetate, however, might work, who knows.
Thats funny, Im the opposite of Montecristo. I like consistency. I think its a slight form of OCD maybe, who knows. Something about routine makes me calm, and in a business setting, confident. Not to say my way is better, there is no better in this case. Dressing, in general, is a way we show ourselves to the world around us. To me, I like knowing I will look a certain way, it soothes me. Id be all out of sorts switching back and forth between all kinds of different...
Double breasted suits often had vests in the 20's and 30's. Sure, seems like overkill to me, but those were the days before good indoor heat and global warming.
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