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Can you post a pic of yours?
Store outside? Wouldn't that make it smell bad? Love the bag but wonder how long to loosen it up. Handles and canvas still very stiff.
I have an otter 257 I have carried for three years. Still looks new. How do I break this mutha in? Patina??
Thanks. I think I will take your advice and let it age over time
Any suggestions on how to break this rucksack in? It is stiff as a board.
Straight with slight taper. Very comfortable and doesn't slip. Pic of strap.
Custom made with filson hard wear
My 257 sporting a lighter wide strap. Liking it!
Outside the bag still looks brand new. Ripped padding out first day I had it. Now bag isn't as stiff or rigid as once was. The 258 is a good bag with padding now is great bag without!!
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