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Thanks. I think I will take your advice and let it age over time
Any suggestions on how to break this rucksack in? It is stiff as a board.
Straight with slight taper. Very comfortable and doesn't slip. Pic of strap.
Custom made with filson hard wear
My 257 sporting a lighter wide strap. Liking it!
Outside the bag still looks brand new. Ripped padding out first day I had it. Now bag isn't as stiff or rigid as once was. The 258 is a good bag with padding now is great bag without!!
Once you make the first couple of cuts the padding is easy to grab and remove. Once removed unnecessary fabric can be cut away and discarded. Took about 6 mins
I try to trim as much from the bags as possible without compromising the integrity of the bag. I am also still thinking about removing the back pocket since I never use it.
All of the above
Decided to remove all the padding from my new 258. Much better bag now!
New Posts  All Forums: