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 I was told it was only at the outlet because someone returned it there. I had never seen one like it there...but, to answer your question, I do not know for sure. The bag is leather. I don't see / feel any canvas around it. I can take more pictures if you would like.
This is a brand new, Coach leather bag that I bought at the Coach outlet store. I have never used it, and it's in absolutely perfect, beautiful condition.   I'm located in Metro Atlanta and am selling this for $175 shipped via USPS (with confirmation) to anywhere in the U.S. I will ship FedEx overnight if you want to pay the difference. Payment via PayPal.   You can check my feedback on eBay (sqlpower) or Watchuseek (opticalserenity)
Thanks, I ordered the Kent Wang and will go by H. Stockton also...I have to go to the Brooks Brothers at Lenox Square anyway, as they ordered my groosmen ties in a Navy instead of the light blue as I had requested. :)   One more question: I was thinking of getting some matching silk knots for my groosmen, any suggestions on affordable but nice knots? I need 7 pair.
Ah, sorry, I'm in Metro Atlanta.
Haha, indeed. I'll keep my iPhone hidden away. Where is a good place to find an off white linen pocket square (or a white one)?
Ah ok thanks. I have a watch collection because I like the art / style in them, but I do get what you're saying.
Thanks for the replies. I did read the Styleforum 101 and didn't see where it said not to wear a watch. I've always been a huge watch guy so while I don't mind it necessarily, it would be hard to go without one.
After much research here, I decided on a black Hart Shaffner Marx suit for my wedding..   shoe, a black plain Johnston & Murphy.   For the shirt, a Brooks Brother's white, no pocket French cuff.   I haven't decided on a tie yet though, so I need some help. The wedding "colors" are blue & silver, so I was thinking of a silver / silverish tie. Something fancy. So, suggestions? I'm 31 years old, if that helps.   I need a pocket square also...   I also...
Thanks, I'll go back to that. My other question is this, if the bride's maids are all wearing a blue dress, then should the groomsmen ties match those?
Hi everyone, I've been searching and reading on here for a long time, but decided to come open account to ask and become involved. so I'm getting married in late August and I've decided to wear a suit instead of a tux. I've owned nice Macy's level suits from Ralph Lauren but never a "nice" suit. Initially I was looking at Brooks Brothers, but I read the suit guide and I have realized nearly all their suits they showed me were fused. Even funnier is their reaction when I...
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