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This is so beautiful ! If only it were my measurements
I bought the military shoe care kit from amazon that was only like 13 bucks. It's made by kiwi. I ordered additional brushes , shine cloths and venetian shoe cream from amazon. All that shouldn't be over 50. Polish Is pretty inexpensive, kiwi or meltonian are great. Saphir is expensive probably around 20 bucks a container
Yeah but from your previous post your shoes look flawless. Did you have this issue as well ? What did you use ? Or what products do you currently use ?
What's wrong with my ankles man ? Lol haha jk. That is my heel and that's actually the plantar surface of my foot. I have pretty flat feet as you can see.
Question for all of you who have dark brown cordovan, are your shoes getting darker over time or lighter ? I got a pair of penny Marlows for a discounted price, which I think was a floor model because one shoe had a sticker and price on it. That particular shoe is much darker, most significant in certain angles. Any advice on how to fix this ? I gave both of them a dose of venetian so far. I ordered saphir dark brown cordovan cream, good move? Here are pics:
Which size did you go for ? I'm a 8.5 on the Barrie but ordered a 9 for the penny. You think I made the right choice ?
Just paid for 9 penny!
Excellent advice and point ! Thank you so much ! I think I'll take a trip to the city to check out epaulet. Any other places to try ? Maybe actual brooks brothers ? There's one right by me.
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