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Hey doods, im a noob at leather jackets but I live in Toronto ON and I am looking for a jacket like this http://www.upscalehype.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Usher-Pyer-Moss-Jacket-Balenciaga-sneakers.jpg    I am very frustrated that i havent been able to find a well fitting bomber my size (im 5'3).  Went to Zara and HM but their smallest is still too big, the arms are too long.  Now I am upping my game and willing to spend around 300$ - any recommendations?
Anyone here in Toronto a size 39-40 wiling to let me try a left shoe on? Haha Ill even pay 5$ to let me try them on.  Im a size 40 in CP achilles and I am aware that I shouldn go down half a size, but I also have a diff pair of chelseas in 39.5 and they give me corns.  Frustrating as hell.
I bought a pair of chelseas and the toe is quite narrow.  It will prob give me corns, any way to alleviate this?
hate insoles :P! Also when you buy shoes bigger - i think the extra space makes it bend at the mid shoe more? Giving it a rather goofy appearance.  Grrr decisions :|
I recently purchased a high ticket item (chelsea boots) and I am stressing as hell as to whether I picked the wrong size.  My fear is that over time it will stretch out too much and I am left with an oversized shoe.  I am size 7 and it slid on well - except I couldnt wiggle my toes too mmuch.   I ordered a 7.5 to allow for more room.     Any of you guys have a pair of chelsea boots that youve had for more than 5+ years that youve worn alot?  Did they stretch too...
I have 2 pairs of common projects and I somewhat regret spending 300$ on my black achilles.    The one thing I have learned is that they look good intiallly, but as time progresses, your shoes crease and they bend.  Now they look horrible and the silhouette isn't as attractive when viewed on these fashion websites.  Maybe it also depends on the shape of my foot.   I've not come to a realization that suede is a better material to avoid the ugly creasing that tends to...
You have the skinny guysd?
Hey guys looking for some sizing advice - any of yo uever worn the black power stretch?  If so has it shrunk for you significantly? Ya ya I know its sanforized blah blah but I have had some sanforized denim and it has shrunk by like 20%.   So do any of you own the black power stretch or natrual indigo and have it shrink by alot after wash?>
Hello,   I am not sure where I can ask but I was wondering if any of you who live in New York could pick me up 5 shirts from Uniqlo?  I have given tres bien codes out in the past so I suppose this can be a small favor to ask?   Out of respect for your time I will also tip 10$ on top.  The total should come to no more than 70$.  I will pay for everything including shipping.  Just tell me the total.  Please PM me.  I am going out on a limb by trusting.  Please only pm me...
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