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Here is a diff picture, the pants I actually want tapered  See how the pants fall forward D: drives me nuts, should I get tapered?            
  So my new job requires that I dress sartorially and I cant for the life of me find the perfect pair of dress pants-its driving me insane.  Firstly I want it nice and slim!  I have 2 pairs from hm and although they look good-the problem is the bottom cuff falls forward too much resulting in the back part sitting on top of the crease of my shoes behind the ball of my foot.     I dont think it looks good as I want my dress pants to fall nicely and drape over the...
Thanks a lot for the responses.  I think im gonna go 39 and pray they stretch.   My achilles 40 have a little bit of room in the toe.  Bothers me sorta.     Anyone else have chukkas and can shed some light?
So someone here must have both Achilles and a Chukka.  I am looking for a defintive answer as I wanna buy a pair Chukkas soon.  I have the achilles in 40 in both low white and black mids.  I am torn between sizing :(!
Can someone who has the Common Projects Chukka tell me if I should really size down 1 from 40?    Also are they about the same weight as Achilles? My Achilles are kinda bad for dancing since they are so heavy and have that little extra space at the toe.    The sole on the Chukkas looks huge hence me assuming they may be heavier? Its important to me cause I dance a lot.
Anyone know whatever happened to the new editions?
f32ce40   Free Tres code, first one to use youre welcome!
^Cool thx Anyone want  a 15% code for Tres valid till 31? Ive got another one.  Thought I would buy something but didnt'.  First 5 people to msg will be raffled and I will give the code to the person at 11-12 pm tonight.  I will send the message to the winner!  It is 7 pm EST at the time of this message.  I wanna give peeps a fair chance.   Please send a message ONLY if youre dead set on buying something
Anyone know any way I can rub off the numbers on my shoes?
Can anyone here who has the premiums confirm for me that there is still about half an inch of space at the front of the shoe?   Im thinking of selling my low white achilles and getting the premiums, but do the prems also have alot of space due to the taper at the front?
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