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Still got my cropped jodhpurs in black calf size 40 for sale!  Check Grailed!
^ Youre asking me? I still ahve my cropped jodhpurs for sale
The price also just went up by 20$ 
Yes ^ 100$ cad to Toronto,
Just so you guys know I am seling a size 40 black calf suede cropped jodpur for 340 cad ( looking to make back what I paid)     They are brand new never worn but the left shoe has wear on the bottom from trying it on in my home.  The right foot is mint.  Again they were never worn outside.  After some thought I realize I actually want a diff style.
Hey leather experts - just got a leather jacket that fits quite well and its on the low end but it fits me well.     Anything I should do before wearing it? Should I apply a conditioner to it while new?
Brand spanking new.  Only tried on the left foot.  Size 40 or 7/7.5   I am looking to make back what I made.  They fit perfectly but I personally just want a little more space.   Was hit with a 95$ customs fee.
I have a pair of size 40 cropped johdpur black calf suede for Sale here.  In Toronto Ontario.  350 firm, looking to make back what I paid.  Hit with a 100 customs bill.   GREAT SHOE!!!! Look amazing.  They fit and I am a size 7-7.5 generally.  ONLY LEFT SHOE TRIED ON, Mint.  Comes with all the content.
I have a question for you leather jacket experts    I bought a jacket and its somewhat thick.  Quite frankly I want a thin leather jacket good for the fall.  Will the thickness of the jacket eventually settle in and become slightly more thinner? bear in mind its also buffalo hide.   I know that after a certain amount of time raw denim becomes alot more comfortable - will the same apply to a leather jacket?>  I hate the slightly extra thickness
Bought the jacket Nm!
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