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Thank you for your response guys i know alot of you on here know what your talking about and something like this probably pains you to read but i was just genrally asking if it would be ok for my school prom its a school in the north east of england not a posh country club where the attire would be alot greater. Thank you all for your replys i have got what im wearing now already cost me alot of money so fingers crossed ill be alright
Money, phone keys mainly the 3 things i carry
Hello i am going to a prom quite soon and have a black tuxedo 2 button jacket with tuxedo trousers. I have always loved waistcoats and have chosen to wear that one but with the matching bow tie not the red one shown in the picture is it ok to wear a tuxedo with this waistcoat please say yes 
Hello i think it should be ok but i was just wondering on some peoples opinions my prom is comming up soon and i have a tuxedo 2 button jacket and trousers. I have always loved waistcoats and choose to wear this one it will not have the red tie when i purchased it i got the matching bow tie to go with it will it look ok with the tuxedo please say yes ?
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