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Only 6 choices?  Not sure what a cutaway is or a semi-cutaway is? Without measurements on point length this is pretty meaningless.  What about spread, curved, tabbed, high, mandarin, double button?  Oh so many choices.
Tailored shirt should not biLlow if fitted properly. Make sure it is long enough with a button enclosure underneath waist level to keep sirts tucked in. All my dress shirts have 8 buttons so there are no large gaps in the front when I sit.
I hear Ascot & Chang are teaming up with the Armoury for some Polos.
Where's Ethan's next adventure?
Go to the lane beside Abercrombie in Central.  There are two cobblers there that I have used for full re-sole.  Very good work for not too much money.
I agree with everything up to the American part.
Are you dense?  Buying shoes is buying shoes, no these shoes or those shoes.  Get your size and put your damn feet in those leather bad boys and walk around the carpeted store.  If it don't fit get a bigger or smaller size.  If the width don't fit try another last.  If all else fails, leave.  Seriously, the salesman served you, what else did you expect?  Did he not tie your shoe laces or buckle the monks?  Did he not offer you a shoe horn, preferably a longish one? I agree...
You're an idiot by bringing race into this.  If no one greeted you how'd you try on some shoes?  The boys have always treated me well, invited me by for a cognac when they opened their second store - and I had never bought anything from them at the time.  
Which one?  As there are two.  If tiny, then you much mean the Landmark basement store.
Leather is a natural material and absorbs water particle while rubber absorbs nothing but shock.  My feet always feel less clammy in leather sole shoes vs rubber sole shoes.  And its always the soles of my feet, never the tops .  However in rainy weather like the last week here, my leather sole shoes allowed water to seep up into the shoe - not sure if it is from the leather sole itself or the gap between sole and upper, whereas my rubber sole shoes were dry as can be.
New Posts  All Forums: