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Suit is fine.  Loafers without socks, not so fine.
Not at MS or any other investment bank.  
I personally really like this briefcase sold by The Armoury:
Some would say Marinella makes the world's best ties.
Only 6 choices?  Not sure what a cutaway is or a semi-cutaway is? Without measurements on point length this is pretty meaningless.  What about spread, curved, tabbed, high, mandarin, double button?  Oh so many choices.
Tailored shirt should not biLlow if fitted properly. Make sure it is long enough with a button enclosure underneath waist level to keep sirts tucked in. All my dress shirts have 8 buttons so there are no large gaps in the front when I sit.
I hear Ascot & Chang are teaming up with the Armoury for some Polos.
Where's Ethan's next adventure?
Go to the lane beside Abercrombie in Central.  There are two cobblers there that I have used for full re-sole.  Very good work for not too much money.
I agree with everything up to the American part.
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