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That looks more like a blue suit jacket than a blazer.
I've provided some feedback on thise tailors already. Just to add,silk linings breathe very well since it is a natural fabric, but it doesn't wear as long. That is why people prefer Bemberg Cupro which is also a natural fibre but wears longer. I also heard people use ermanzine but not seen it ever in Hk. Your list is very superficial and all tailors can do that. The more skilled ones will notice your particular body shape (slope of shoulders, length and proportion of...
AMan has earned their rep and in my opinion still are true to their roots. You will get a more conservative cut and they are more discreet ( ie less self promotion unlike other tailors). They have their own idea of cutting so you have to be firm with what you want. My boss gets all his shirts and suits done there. Gordon Yao also has a good rep, but they try to sell harder in my opinion. That may put some people off. Y William Yu - I used them 20 years ago when I...
They decided to move to Central where the rents are high, especially as they had a relationship with the Armoury who were already in Central to begin with. But they are not in a retail mall so rent is not the whole story. There is no reason a Chan suit costs HKD3-5k more than a Baromon suit. It's all about demand and they can charge people with their earned rep and other HK tailors not as adept at promotion. But they have to maintain that rep which is much harder, as...
Yes, I find KW polos to be really on the tight end, fit wise.  Order one size up, maybe even two for daddy bods, would be my suggestion. 
Reasons not to share a good tailor on the internet - they'll become a WWChan type story.  Jacked up prices and quality standards cannot keep up with demand.  It's too bad.  
Suit is fine.  Loafers without socks, not so fine.
Not at MS or any other investment bank.  
I personally really like this briefcase sold by The Armoury:
Some would say Marinella makes the world's best ties.
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