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I was simply just for some feedback on a minor detail. I personally would like to go with the ps but I am aware the vast majority of interviewers' general consensus that wearing a pocket square would typically be frowned upon during an interview process. Thank you for your input. 
Gents, I have an interview coming and would to bring back up this particular age old discussion. I will be sporting a charcoal suit ( moderate sized, peaked lapels), standard white dress shirt, and blue tie with gold stripe accents. The issue is whether to sport a ps or not (the interview is for a merchandising type position with one of the major fashion forward department stores), it would be a white presidential fold (ala Dom Draper, Mad Men). Would love to hear what...
Gents, I came into a Z Zegna sc that is my size, I'm a size 58 so this is a rare sighting. I think I am a fit enough big guy to wear this, so the only question left how much would you pay for a fused jacket with high end name brand? Thanks!
Hi all,  Please forgive me if this topic has already been covered, but I have a simple issue of the B&S page not allowing me to view the classified ads by specific type i.e. suits and SC's or Shoes. I always get a respond of unable to execute, please try again or something to that effect, please let me know if anyone else has encountered this problem/ has a solution.    cheers, 007wannabe 
is this suit still for sale?
I have read a few articles that said they are half canvassed.
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