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These are a quintessential pair of pants from W+H. Purchased these from a previous seller and they're just too small for me. The seller claimed they've never been worn before, which seems to be the case. They sort of feel like they've been washed before though (but not sure). Great condition. Hit me up if you have them in a size 31...
Kind of a long shot, but looking to trade this grail-worthy Geller toggle bomber in sz 48 for a 50. It fits like a true 46. Will accept reasonable offers if I can't find a trade. 
Anyone tried the slim tapered color jeans? I got 3 pairs on promo yesterday for 20 bucks a piece. Is the feel anything like the skinny tapereds? 
gonna sneak so many snacks into the movies with this thing. hmu if u guys need me to hold any of your loose belongings  
Looking to buy a black MDR/DR/Moto/something in a 47-48.
Nice snag, wish I waited on buying it now haha ^^^^
EG Matt cargos - I believe they're gonna be the ones pictured on the right, which I've always loved:  
 I wouldn't say the shell is waterproof. I'd imagine water will sort of bead up a little bit on it, but I wouldn't actively wear it on a rainy day. It's a thick/washed twill, 100% cotton I believe. The "black shimmer" version I think may be a different material though? Tough call on sizing for you. I'd say medium but it depends how well distributed your weight is maybe haha. I put a thick sweatshirt under mine and it wasn't crazily tight. 
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