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Someone convince me to not buy these suede side zips from Frye for 130 bucks. Where can a brother get something similar in tan suede from a different brand?    
APC New Standard jeans. Size 28 but intended to stretch and fit someone closer to a 30. Lightly worn for a week or two until I realized they were too tight for me. No fading yet.  $110 shipped OBO Waist flat across: 15.5 inches  Inseam: 31 inches
@melonadejello   Was mainly wondering about the tencel fabric since I don't have any experience with it. It seems a little different than the more washed/textured look of the newer S/S bombers.
@melonadejello   Yup - looks like the one
 Haha I actually don't think you mentioned the color, I was just going by the photo and my lurking from past season product info. Thanks again for the sale btw! 
Snagged the charcoal tencel bomber from last a/w NWT for a good deal today. Anyone have info on it? In pics it looks particularly more sweatshirty than other tencel bombers. 
 Schweinsteiger approved?  
I usually get the slims but I tried the regular and actually like it better. After a few washes the slims are bordering on too tight for me (and sizing up is too large).  As a side note has anyone noticed that they apparently have black selvedge denim? I knew they always had regular raws but is black new? I just ordered both pairs to try. 
@Caveat http://www.vans.com/shop/classic-slip-on-ca-torino-leather-dark-slate 
am i crazy for thinking these are almost as cool as EG vans? new ones just on vans.com. available in a burgundy color too     
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