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These are a pair of beautiful Buttero service boots in black. Tagged size is 42.5 (9.5 US), but I'd say they fit an entire size larger. Maybe could even work for a US11. These retailed for over $400 at Barney's and have been very lightly worn. I'd say 9/10 condition. Made in Italy. The only noticeable scuff is on the back heel (see pics). It can probably be polished out a bit. I think the style was actually called "Buttero Workboot" if you want to look them up for more...
I have two black lamb MDRs in modified 46s (one silver hardware, one gunmetal). Looking to trade one for something black that isn't an MDR. PM if you're interested. 
 Same here pretty much. 
Looking to get my beat up pair of Dayton Service Boots resoled with a rubber sole of some kind (Dainite, Commando). Anyone know of good online cobblers that we do a solid job via mail? (I don't trust my current local area). I know Dayton offers resoling but shipping to Canada is $40 each way ($80 total before the resole price). Looking for something like pic related.    *EDIT: Looking into NuShoe.com. Apparently they offer Vibram resoles on for other Goodyear-welted...
nice boots and price, wish they were my size 
Up for sale is a wool shirt jacket from EG. Has all the interesting details you'd expect from EG. And obviously, POCKETS. I ordered this from Japan and the sizing didn't work out for me. Probably best for a Medium, as the body is kinda big. I think it's intended to have additional layers underneath it though. Very lightly used, great condition. No issues to note.  Measurements:  Shoulder: 17.5"  P2P: 22"  Back length: 26"  Sleeve length: 25"
This is a bomber jacket from the king of bomber jackets, Robert Geller. 100% Tencel fabric like a lot of his bombers lately. Tagged color is "charcoal" but looks more black in person. Has brown/olive undertones in sunlight. Tagged size is 46, fits mostly TTS. Has slight padding so it's pretty warm. Also has a cool brass hook that allows you to pin the jacket closed without using the zipper. Only worn once, tag included. Offers are welcome. 
Snagged this off the marketplace last week (DIDN'T ORDER) thinking it was gonna be too small, but I think it turned out pretty nice? Definitely a touch snug and almost too tight to wear a hoodie under it, but any bigger and I feel like you lose the cool slimness of it. To echo what a lot of you have said, the lamb on this piece is definitely thinner than the lamb I've handled on a different MDR. That's my only gripe, but I guess it's just the luck of the batch.    
Picked up this w+h varsity from last season, kind of feel like i'm in a boy band with it on though. Have black varsities jumped the shark yet? Also got the iPhone 6 and w+h olive german cords.  
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