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 Schweinsteiger approved?  
I usually get the slims but I tried the regular and actually like it better. After a few washes the slims are bordering on too tight for me (and sizing up is too large).  As a side note has anyone noticed that they apparently have black selvedge denim? I knew they always had regular raws but is black new? I just ordered both pairs to try. 
@Caveat http://www.vans.com/shop/classic-slip-on-ca-torino-leather-dark-slate 
am i crazy for thinking these are almost as cool as EG vans? new ones just on vans.com. available in a burgundy color too     
Does anyone know where to buy a pair of sand suede sidezips these days? Preferably not ones that cost like $500. Kinda like these:  
CP Achilles Vintage White lows. You know the deal. Looking for the same or similar pair in a size 42. These have been worn like twice ever. Smell and look pretty much brand new. Will take pics if there's interest. Maybe open to selling for best offer - I'm hoping for a trade though. 
Some summer stuff       
My mystery EG Baker from Rakuten did indeed turn out to be of the homespun variety... pretty happy about it! Unfortunately it's too hot outside to actually wear it though.         EDIT: Also picked up this sick new Macbook Air  
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