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Selling oiled suede boots from A/W15. Cobbler put Vibram soles on. Worn 4-5 times total and still in excellent condition. 9.5/10. Fits TTS like a 9.5/42.5. Would maybe work for a 10. Shipping adds $15. Make an offer. These retail for like 900 bucks. Will come with original box + dustbags.   
Forgive me if it's been discussed, but has anyone looked into the Robert Geller x Five Four Club collab? You aren't able to pick which items you get (it's like a trunk club sort of thing), but I got a tee and the olive bomber here for literally like 37 bucks (there's a Gilt-style referral thing and I used someone's code - I think normally it's $60). The bomber is actually pretty cool and reminiscent of the old green tencel bomber Robert always wears. I'll post pics if...
Have a pair of unworn 9/42s available. Tan suede cheslea boots. Hit me up if you're willing to pay retail + shipping. Also, who here is rocking theirs with the topy? I might not apply it but I don't know if I should or not. What are the pros and cons? Can I add it later if I want? 
 This is how it ended up fitting on me kinda. I wasn't crazy about the fit personally, but it doesn't look bad on you here. I just want a pretty perfect fit if I'm gonna buy a $400 jacket. If anyone wants to trade/buy my 48, hit me up. I'll be sending it back to East Dane this week. 
@Yexu5y I think there were 2 left when I snagged it - got it on double markdown. Might be too big on me though. 
Kinda unique CPs in dark grey pebbled leather from gr@iled, SeF chelseas, and RG bomber      
What are everyone's impressions with the Sebastian bomber this season? I just bought the charcoal one on East Dane but I think I could've done a 46 (only had 48 and 50). Might be returning. With that said, there are a few left and I just got it for $387 with a coupon code. 
Anyone know when I can expect my order placed around Oct. 20? Just snagged a second pair on Grailed in case I sized wrong, so if anyone needs a pair of tan suede Chelseas... I'll be getting rid of either a 42 or 42.5 soon. 
Finally pulled the trigger today with the tan suede chelseas. Usually a 9.5-10 but went with 42 (which is my CP size). Can anyone confirm that they fit closely to CP size? Probably still have time to switch the sizing if not. 
Does anyone else take their same size in CP as these? Just did the sizing chart and got that. 
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