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You can also check Ironhearts forum, there's a ton of photos and info about White's and Viberg.
Bakers! Go to their website Bakershoe.com. Also check the Custom White's thread here, if you go back a few pages there is some interesting discussion about Nicks Boots, likes White's is also from Spokane, Washington.
If you have tons of $$$ then go for Viberg but for a lot less $$ and very comfortable to your feet with their arch ease design go for White's, well, for Wolverine1K Mile the leather sole its so dressy the reason it is now with another happy owner.   For $379 and free shipping you can get White's SD with this basic specs, you just have to wait for 4 to 12 weeks as this is an MTO.  
Do you mean like this?
Cat, post some photos when you get your pair, found this Nick's boots photo and it really look fantastic.
Are  those Nicks? that is what i am looking for 5" with leather counter which not available with Semi Dress. clean stitching uhh.
hehehe, i guess i am just the lucky one!
Univ is that distressed leather? it looks better untreated on my eyes!
Viberg here you go! Look at the counter stitching and vamp!!! Now i can call Viberg and White's equally "Hand Made". lol
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