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can somebody lead me to some photos of well worn Viberg Service Boots in Horween CXL leather especially in black one.
@ink, no special activities I have the 1st UB221 Dec 17 but returned it a UO after 4 days of wear for defective outseam and got a replacement Dec26. since then i wear this 4 to 5 a week.this fades really really fast you can already notice that on the 1st day of use. Hope this will look great as it aged, but i can see the potential.
classic work boots, mine has more rounded toe box.
Feki'n fast fader my 221! maybe a month of wear.    
Just place an order for a pair of another SD for my brother in law, same build as my Navy Chromexcel but now on burgandy chromexcel.
No break in needed on cxl compared to black smooth which is hard as wood:)
Is the Classic boots the same with C461, if i remember it right i ask Kyle using some photos from ULTRASOUNDBOOTS FB page and he said the C461 is the same as the Classic work boot. Correct me if i'm wrong Ultrasound fb photo C461 below is my White's Classic.  
@ojawstick with the standard heel and standard height!
Got a quick explanation from Kyle of Baker's about the miscommunications on my MTO, they thought that the tongue i requested is the fake tongue. I learned new term today it supposed to be called "GUSSET", and Kyle with good gesture and that i appreciate offered to build me a new one with black gusset.  What a good customer service.  I am happy with the boots outcome and don't want to wait another 3 weeks just for a black gusset.
You are correct B-Ewing, I think they only check their shelves for stocks and  just pick the closest to my MTO and wait for 3 weeks and shipped the boots.
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