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$110 is not cheap!  But this buttons are surely very very cheap maybe this cost a penny in China. a $30 Wrangler has way more durable buttons than this. Hey Mr Brandon Svarc please give your customers some respect and spend a couple more penny on your buttons.
got some serious hardware quality flaws !
except for the smoke kudu and the 2 service boots those are "UGLY" looking boots!
can somebody lead me to some photos of well worn Viberg Service Boots in Horween CXL leather especially in black one.
@ink, no special activities I have the 1st UB221 Dec 17 but returned it a UO after 4 days of wear for defective outseam and got a replacement Dec26. since then i wear this 4 to 5 a week.this fades really really fast you can already notice that on the 1st day of use. Hope this will look great as it aged, but i can see the potential.
classic work boots, mine has more rounded toe box.
Feki'n fast fader my 221! maybe a month of wear.    
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