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I respect that!
No hate,  but this $70 boots with the same care and abuse will last as my other boots, and mind you this  are very comfy boots. Not sure though if this can be resoled and if it does then i will send this to Brianthebootmaker when that time comes.
how about White's semi-dress, is it a work boots?
pony, its 21oz
same here! Nicks my next pair!
ShET, b-ewing those are gorgeous, want the naty!
received this from Theunbranded, its the wrong size and color and it took a month and half a dozen of emails but at least their customer service tried to address my complaint.
its a bit darker in person.
I still remember a member's opinion when i first learned about raw denim, "NO PAIN NO GAIN"!
Since you ask, too loose for my worthless opinion! But if you are happy with it keep it.
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