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Thanks all, I'm really happy with my choice... I do wish it had a bit more low-end torque but if I really need to get moving a lot of power comes in above 3500 revs. It's an awesome first car though, my uncle is almost regretting he sold it to me. I offered to trade it back for his F10 535i though :P
My uncle bought a F10 535i a couple weeks back. Amazing car - he was looking at the A6 as well but the overall experience wasn't as good as on the BMW's. Check this thread, pretty much sums up the major differences: http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=554943 FWIW, he's got a SL550 and a S2000 as well and is very happy with the 535i instead of a 550i. He did come from daily driving a 525i though.
Added another Krane bag I found...
2002 E39 525i - stick, sport/premium, grey metallic on grey, all stock. Picked it up from my uncle about a month ago, was either this or buy my mom's E350. He's owned it since day 1 and babied it (65k miles, all records/etc).. was his DD along side an M3, SL550, S2000 and some others. this, but not my pic:
    Krane Harland Messenger Bag - also brand new with tags, black waxed cotton with a large leather flap. $200 + shipping for this one. It's this bag -- http://www.gravitypope.com/handbags/product/341-krane-harland-large-messenger http://www.polyvore.com/oak_krane_harland_messenger_bag/thing?id=11575563  
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash RFX, why do you have so many clothes/shoes? I never see you selling anything either? Not really hating, just being serious...........I guess I just don't see the point? why not? i think someone once asked about rental properties and rfx has 10 apartments.. landlord no cashflow problems ha my recent pick up - first clothing purchase in 3+ months... been spending all my money on speakers :P. finally found...
+1, a buddy of mine has one of these (think it's actually a Rabbit) and they're awesome to drive.
I've got a 20% off code at J.Crew that expires June 5th, 2011 11:59pm Eastern Time... I have no use for it so if anyone wants it for $5, PM me and it's yours. Otherwise, I might pick up a pair of those suede Quoddy's, but it's a great deal if anyone's looking to get some Alden's from J.Crew. It's valid online and in-store, so if you really want I'll mail it to you. EDIT THIS IS PENDING. And works on third-party items. (and sale items, but there's a code for 30% off...
fantastic seller - i bought two of these on eBay a week ago, paid before he sent the invoice and he still refunded the extra shipping charges (since they didn't combine automatically).
The first W+H boots were a slightly pebbled black leather, 2nd version was the charcoal nubuck.
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