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Quote: Originally Posted by dmash RFX, why do you have so many clothes/shoes? I never see you selling anything either? Not really hating, just being serious...........I guess I just don't see the point? why not? i think someone once asked about rental properties and rfx has 10 apartments.. landlord no cashflow problems ha my recent pick up - first clothing purchase in 3+ months... been spending all my money on speakers :P. finally found...
+1, a buddy of mine has one of these (think it's actually a Rabbit) and they're awesome to drive.
I've got a 20% off code at J.Crew that expires June 5th, 2011 11:59pm Eastern Time... I have no use for it so if anyone wants it for $5, PM me and it's yours. Otherwise, I might pick up a pair of those suede Quoddy's, but it's a great deal if anyone's looking to get some Alden's from J.Crew. It's valid online and in-store, so if you really want I'll mail it to you. EDIT THIS IS PENDING. And works on third-party items. (and sale items, but there's a code for 30% off...
fantastic seller - i bought two of these on eBay a week ago, paid before he sent the invoice and he still refunded the extra shipping charges (since they didn't combine automatically).
The first W+H boots were a slightly pebbled black leather, 2nd version was the charcoal nubuck.
Speaking of computers, anyone have an opinion on this case? Looking to build my own computer soon (not for gaming, but will need one good or two okay GPUs to support at least 4 monitors). It's the best looking, least gimmicky one I've found so far, NZXT Whisper.
I have the bag as well and it's too unstructured for a laptop/books. It'll be a bitch to "maneuver" your laptop out every time, since the zippered area isn't structured at all. Get a 256 or 257 instead.
wtb CP's in 44, pm me
Crockett and Jones Grasmere:
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