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BMW 3 cylinder sound: Sounds like the I6...
Yes but this wagon is ugly and unbalanced. The sedan version of that A8 is so good.Not sure how I feel about chrome wheels. My favorite wheel finish:
If you think AAPL will drop in the next two years, look into buying leap puts. Essentially they're out of the money long term put options. I would agree it's a very good possibility that AAPL will be at $400 in the next couple years. Honestly not sure how I feel about their reliance on Google, and how at the end of the day they need Google and not the other way around.
My philosophy when it comes to shorting anything? Don't. It's not worth it. Inherently the max profit you'll make is 100%. Not only do you have to be right about a company, you also have to have the right timing. Which makes it twice as hard. If you don't like a company, don't buy it. Move on and find other opportunities for growth. It's a lot more fun.
Nope, but you can buy a warranty from a third party company. Or, just keep whatever money you planned on spending on a warranty. Just make sure the car you're buying is mechanically sound - get a PPI. Also, I was unaware you could lease a used car?
What's Xenga? Just kiddingI've been very successful investing/swing trading by only investing in companies I understood and believed in, and then only buying them as the markets got cheap.Trading gets pretty easy if you learn some basic technical analysis and buy "strong" companies when the signals appear on longer-term charts (I use month and week charts). Granted I didn't start trading until late 2009 so I haven't experienced any bear markets.Another rule I have is to...
Back to Morgans: Saw this parked in my neighborhood, looks real good in british racing green / white. Don't understand why anyone would get it over any number of real (with four wheels) cars for 40-50k.
I'm looking forward to the new corvettePost some current pics, this sounds good.
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