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Back to Morgans: Saw this parked in my neighborhood, looks real good in british racing green / white. Don't understand why anyone would get it over any number of real (with four wheels) cars for 40-50k.
I'm looking forward to the new corvettePost some current pics, this sounds good.
Yep, I'm sure there's a lot of things I overlooked. Maybe I'll do some more research when I get some time.
Don't remember off the top of my head, but I did all that unlevering/relevering beta based off some pretty standard comps (hp, dell, msft, csco etc) and wacc was around 10%. I do remember how I projected growth though - the trend in their growth rates was pretty apparent, since every time they released a new product their revenues would grow by 60-70% the first year and taper off the 10-20% by year 4-5. So I assumed they wouldn't release anything new for the next 5 years...
That shifter needs to be placed closer to the driver. Vox, that M3 looks amazing. Can you snap some interior pics?
I've held AAPL since I ran a full DCF on it about a year ago.... I was always getting pissed I was missing rallies up and didn't think it could go any higher. But I used very conservative assumptions (growing at about a third of their average growth rate since they released the iPod in 2001) and still got a valuation of $750. Personally, I have no interest in their products. But I have to admit that they've got a fantastic business model - they've got a simple lineup of...
Yah it's fucking hard to get out of lamborghinis... Also sport wagons are awesome. 80's BMW's are sick too... would love a e28 535is. Saw a clean e24 with alpina rims yesterday, fuuuuuu
First and only car? Good luck....
So you washed a car every day?
Great examples of E39 M5's on this site:http://enthusiastauto.com/
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