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Congrats! Pics. Now.
Yeah, if you've had a good experience with the landlord so far, go for it. Just make sure any and all of your concerns are addressed before they start work.
Maybe. Not familiar with what happens in that type of situation, but I'd assume you should get a rent reduction equivalent to how much space you're losing. For instance, if the kitchen accounts for 1/3 of the total sq ft of your place, you should get at least 1/3 off your rent. Not to mention losing the functionality of a kitchen. If the unit needs the renovations to maintain its future rentability, then by renovating the space while you're paying rent is really just a...
looks great, better than the xts and ats... hope they release a wagon with a stick. even in non-v form, a 420hp turbo six sounds great. also improve cue. touchscreen interfaces in cars suck, can't be starting at the screen trying to press the right shit when your driving.
Buy the last model year of any used car your considering. It's generally the best because they iron out any major issues.
There's the Grand Cherokee and then the Cherokee.
He has fun.
So which side are you on GF? Just kidding, I don't care. I've never driven in snow.
He's agreeing with you. Cost basis doesn't matter and really shouldn't affect your decisions on whether to buy or sell (or continue to hold) a stock. If it's going nowhere, cut it. If its all good, let it ride.
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