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NS, that MUT Moon is gorgeous! My two -- just got the Speedy this weekend, it's fantastic on the strap. Anyone have recs for a 21mm curved end honey brown croc strap to fit it?
The domed crystal on the DSSD is fantastic. It's not too big a watch, but it's top-heavy and the bracelet is too small for it.
I'm on a flight tomorrow morning, won't see my new watch until monday
While I think margin can be helpful at certain times, idfnl is totally right about mortgage lenders. They're a pain in the ass and I wouldn't move money around or take on any new debt while in the process of buying a place.
Duometre jump seconds? Beautiful watch
Thank you, it's my first vintage Rolex and I'm already looking for another. As collectable as it is, the creme dialed 16550 didn't speak to me, I didn't like the lack of contrast between the white gold markers and dial.
Picked up this 16550 a bit impulsively this weekend. Pretty special watch as far as I can tell, I just couldn't walk away from it.
I was offered the same watch for $14 with 12 months 0% interest financing recently. That was the first number they threw out; I've seen them for mid-13's new and in the 11's used.
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