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Plus they're still 50k for a decent example. Would much rather get a nice facelifted 997 S for that.
Love the 9300, rnguy001. I have mine on an olive NATO for the summer but when I first got mine someone here had a rec for a custom strapmaker who could make one with curved ends to fit like the omega black Croc one.
Thanks! Nice looking watch especially for the price.
RogerP, what model number is that Monster? Thanks!
^ Don't jinx it.
Thanks, his stuff looks great! Do you have photos of yours on his straps?
Thanks! My first nice watch was a speedmaster reduced from the 90s, so it's nice to be back in a speedy.I love it. The lugs are a bit shorter so its doesn't wear as big as a 44mm (at least compared to PAMs I've tried). I thought it'd be a nice compliment to my 40mm ExpII.
NS, that MUT Moon is gorgeous! My two -- just got the Speedy this weekend, it's fantastic on the strap. Anyone have recs for a 21mm curved end honey brown croc strap to fit it?
The domed crystal on the DSSD is fantastic. It's not too big a watch, but it's top-heavy and the bracelet is too small for it.
I'm on a flight tomorrow morning, won't see my new watch until monday
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