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You should demand both an engagement and a wedding watch!
Love the Rieussec -- would pick one of the new tribute versions (with the hidden lume hour markers) if they popped up in the used market. Reallyyyyyyy cool watch.
Nice shots, moo
I think the more fair comparison between the two is Nautilus vs. 15202... I prefer the 15202 over the Nautilus and the Nautilus over the 15400 (even if they were the same price).How do people feel about the 15202 vs. the FP Journe Chronometre Bleu?
That second one is how the Omega deployants work currently.
Thinking about trading my BLNR for a PAM337 + cash. Love the BLNR but I find I wear my 1675 or ExplorerII far more often -- the BLNR is too flashy. Thoughts?
I'm thinking DDII... Chocolate roman dial fluted bezel?
Nice Porsche Design -- I was wearing mine today:
Agreed. The BB's are fantastic in person and the finishing is top notch. Not to mention they're easily $2700 new and even lower used.
That's not surprising...? FWIW I think they're pretty cool but not something I'd consider anytime soon.
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