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Seriously. I want one.
I've seen them on forums for as low as $9k. Boutiques will not discount, so it's not worth it in my opinion.
^Think he was just making a general statement about Escalade drivers. In LA they're mostly commercial car service drivers that don't check their blind spots before merging. Fucking assholes. I would 100% take an Explorer over a GL450 for an extra $1k a month.
Thanks. It's not on my wrist today but here's a shot I took playing with a loupe and my phone's camera the other day:
I traded my Speedmaster 9300 + cash in for a BLNR a week ago, and I'm very happy with my decision. The 44.25mm Speedmasters wear incredibly well and smaller than the case size suggest, since the lugs are pretty short. My only complaint about the case is that the bombe lugs don't work as well on a thicker watch. I also felt like for the price, the dial should've had applied indices and nicer hands like in the DSOTM. The 8500 and 9300 movements are spectacular and a great...
I think he's talking about the 3510.50.00 as seen herehttp://forums.watchuseek.com/f67/omega-speedmaster-3510-50-a-561471.html
Plus they're still 50k for a decent example. Would much rather get a nice facelifted 997 S for that.
Love the 9300, rnguy001. I have mine on an olive NATO for the summer but when I first got mine someone here had a rec for a custom strapmaker who could make one with curved ends to fit like the omega black Croc one.
Thanks! Nice looking watch especially for the price.
RogerP, what model number is that Monster? Thanks!
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