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That second one is how the Omega deployants work currently.
Thinking about trading my BLNR for a PAM337 + cash. Love the BLNR but I find I wear my 1675 or ExplorerII far more often -- the BLNR is too flashy. Thoughts?
I'm thinking DDII... Chocolate roman dial fluted bezel?
Nice Porsche Design -- I was wearing mine today:
Agreed. The BB's are fantastic in person and the finishing is top notch. Not to mention they're easily $2700 new and even lower used.
That's not surprising...? FWIW I think they're pretty cool but not something I'd consider anytime soon.
Dark Side of the Moon
Pics would help a lot, but there are a LOT of PAM fakes out there. Sounds like a good deal if its real for any model Panerai. If it's a watch you want then get it, otherwise I wouldn't rush into anything.
Seriously. I want one.
I've seen them on forums for as low as $9k. Boutiques will not discount, so it's not worth it in my opinion.
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