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Would a slimmer guy with slightly more tan than the guy in this video wear this as good? We're almost as of the same height but i'm only 125 lbs. (also need recommendations of similar shirts like this or exactly the same as this)   \\   *edit fixed link*
My New York Trip in August! 
Are the chinos in Uniqlo slim fitted or should I just get some J crew's?
Hey it's VJ   Been lurking for a long time now, my hunger has grown more and more as I've browsed through the forums recently. I'm an up and coming Senior high school student looking to upgrade my current wardrobe. It's been a fun one so far, but my wallet doesn't agree with some of my purchases. I've been into different hobbies from headphones, computers, and video games (PC) and this one is by far the most unique and interesting. Looking forward to becoming...
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