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I think it was just one person.  But I think most that actually own understand what you mean.
The main reason you don't see a difference between H/M and what you wear is that there really isnt a huge difference in H/M and what you currently wear.  If I were you I would check out as many different lookbooks or runway pics on or something along those lines until you find a look you like.  Once you find a basic look you like start there.  Buy as many basics as you can.  Then start buying other pieces.  Once that is down maybe think about branching out to...
What's Margeila?
size 52 in both.  I am 5'11" 185 lbs and they fit me slightly big, but that was what I wanted.  I could wear a 50 also.  You can wear the Lanvin's more fitted but also size up and they look great, at least in my opinion.  gotta get if you can.
Yeah, those Isaora would be hard to dress up, for sure.  But there are a couple other drawstring sweat pants like those from Lanvin, Kolor, Miharayasuhiro that can be worn more casual with a t but also dressed up with a deconstructed blazer and pair of real lace-ups.  The silk/cotton Lanvin's from S/S 12 are so awesome.
That knit is so awesome.  
I think MMM is owned by Diesel but PPR (Gucci) does not own Diesel.   PPR, at least to my knowledge, is:  Gucci, Bottega, YSL, McQueen, Balenciaga, SM, and a couple others.
  MMM is extremely well known and loved all over the world.  I am sure this collab is not to "introduce" the brand.  If you think about it, the H/M and Margiela clients are polar opposite.  One is founded to dress the masses in a somewhat hip method for not a lot of money while the other is trendy yet still appeals to lots of people of various backgrounds due to their use of high-quality materials and tailoring.  These types of collabs bring real style to mallish stores...
I hate the profile on those.  Such a weird shape.
^   I always wanted that pair but in the lowtop.  So jealous.   The Balenciaga's I have are constructed extremely well and I have no issues with quality.  But they are sneakers so there is only so much they can do.
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