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6.5 miles at 7:45 minute pace. Got up at 530 and ran down the east river path. Great views.
Maybe it's because the store is 45 mins away from where I grew up, but rancourt and company makes beautiful handmade shoes, my favorite being its penny loafers. They start making the shoes when you order them and do a fantastic job. Plus they're ridiculously inexpensive for the quality of the shoes. http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/men-s/penny-loafers.html
So I would probably considered myself a new england preppy. I'm the kind of guy that enjoys the golf and tennis clubs on the weekend, wears a lot of button downs, pastels, loafers, boat shoes, etc. I've always felt that jeans would give me an unwanted rough and tough style that I didn't enjoy, but more and more people have been telling me that jeans, worn properly, can be a fashionable and often preppy addition to a wardrobe. I was wondering what are some of the more...
Market timing is futile. Attempting to discern seasonal of yearly trends almost always backfires. Real estate, for example, was seen as a stable investment for almost the past hundred years... Look what happens. Speculation is the downfall of the investment community; no matter what economists say, their predictions are most always guesses based on questionable assumptions of past trends and comparable analysis. In my view, we should invest in companies and industries...
I'd be slightly cautious about the long-run profitability of US natural gas suppliers. Their success hinges upon the irrationality of Arab countries. The fact of the matter is that oil production in Saudi Arabia has a marginal cost of only $5, including shipment. If countries in the middle east sense that natural gas producers are cutting into profitability of their substitutabile goods, then they can just drive out those businesses by temporarily driving down prices. And...
9926+27=9953Didn't have much time 3 sets of nine.
I love my Maui Jim aviators. Aesethics are great, but what really sells me are the beautiful polarized lenses. Quality is superb. I've tried some Oliver peoples, but I saw them as less aesthetically pleasing. Great quality materials but just not my style.
Also, remember that using too many products can damage skin. That means not using an exfoliating and normal cleanser one after another. Not too many creams. Not too many toners. You want to find the products that work for you, not just pile of treatments, dry out your face and have more belmishes than when you began your regimen.
Cetaphil is fine, highly recommended by most dermatologists. You may want to alternate between that and a deep pore exfoliating cleanser -- I always recommend kiehl's. Sigma skin has an anti-acne gel that serves as a moisturizer, too. It worked well with me although the cost is higher than most OTC products (50 bucks, maybe higher). If not that, make sure you use an oil free moisturizer, and don't use too much. You only need half to a full teaspoon for proper use. Also,...
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