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A quick phone photo of a new addition and my first EG... Malvern, Dark Oak, 82 Last
  They were pretty expensive--and just the main line (not FAM)... for the same price I could have gotten C&J handgrade (or other, higher-quality shoes).  Also, comparing it to some of the English shoes I bought, the last isn't quite as flattering.  Plus, reflecting back I wish it was a balmoral.
Thanks, guys, for all the feedback  You rock.  I wanted to provide an update on the shoe sitch.  I've since picked up a few additional pairs. Long story short I kind of got obsessed and blew my budget limits per shoe.  I even got more fun socks (kudos to Piper).  Without further ado... (will follow-up with some pics when I get home from work) and in chronological progression:   Santoni captoe with some broguing--blucher--in a merlot (reddish brown).  I kind of...
If it helps (as this appears to be a self-perception issue), I'm in consulting, and at 5'9" you'll be fine.   From a fashion standpoint, consulting is the world of Brooks Brother, non-iron business casual and square-toed Eccos.
Hi all,   New to the forum here (though have been lurking for a few weeks).  You gents seem like a great resource and I wanted to ask your opinion on getting a few additional pairs of shoes.   Some background (not sure if all of this is relevant): -Age:  25 -Typical dress:  Business casual, may wear a suit with or without tie roughly once per week (e.g., to meet with clients) -Location:  NYC -I have flat/wider feet -Current shoes:  1) Ferragamo LO black...
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