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Can anyone comment on the "sleekness" of the Saint Crispin's classic last (e.g., compared to the JL 7000, DG70, or EG 82 lasts--which are all fairly sleek)?  Or better yet, post a side-by-side (if it isn't too onerous a request)?   Thanks in advance!
Edward Green, Lorenzo Uomo, Hugo Boss (!)    
Felt like stripes this Monday morning... santoni, lorenzo uomo, epaulet    
    So I finally got out my papers.  It's a discontinued model, ref: 2503.80.
  Very similar, but not that watch in the link.  The watch pictured is an automatic (Co-Axial movement)--the watch linked is a quartz.
  Looks to be a Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra--can't tell what diameter (e.g., 38.5 vs 41.5)--and I don't know the ref. number offhand, though.  Also can't tell if it's blue or black faced.  Really sharp watch with the strap; I have a blue faced on bracelet I don't wear much... but might if it had that strap...
  Hey--thanks for the feedback.  I'm in total agreeance of both of your points... pretty much done for now.  Am going to focus on enjoying the shoes that I have (and better figuring out my own tastes, preferences, and needs).  I was originally on the lookout for 1-2 additional shoes and got a little obsessed!   Plus, the fiance has gotten a bit jealous and is wondering when it's "her turn..."   Also, thanks for the tip on the socks--will check them out.
Crossposted from other threads, but a few recent acquisitions (apologies for the phone pics)...       [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
Posted the EG and GG in the respective photo threads... Didn't see a JL one.. so here goes:  
A quick phone photo of a new addition and my first G&G... St. James, Vintage Cherry, TG73  
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