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GG, Marcoliani, Boss    
  good looks, mac!  Love the boot.
GG , Marcoliani, Epaulet          
  It's too bad that the shoes I checked out (Oundles in antique chestnut) are D width!  It appears most are in D width...
  Looks sharp.  I like the shoes!
Not sure about this combo... JL, Pantherella, Epaulet (more gray than the photo lets on... a bluish gray).          
  This is just my opinion, but if you can get 2-3 years worth of wear out of $170 shoes, then you sort of got what you've paid for.  To more directly answer your question--Nordstrom supposedly has a "no questions asked" return policy.  I've always approached this on the honor system (e.g., if I've beat the hell out of/got good use out of something, I won't return it... but I won't feel bad if I/fiance buys a pair of shoes and it breaks in a couple of months).   The other...
    Awesome!! Thanks for the information and the pics (really nice shoes, btw).  
  I was under the impression that laces that entirely "close" are often too big for your foot (and that there should be a gap in shoes with proper fit).   Of the three choices, I'd go with the Park Aves.  What industry are you interviewing for (e.g., they're wildly popular in banking).
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