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Quote: Originally Posted by I<3Bacon I predict a huge flood of Dayton boots into B&S in approximately 2 months due to sizing issues. Poachers/CtK, take note. Or everyone will want to sell them because when they open the box, they won't look exactly like the distressed wings and horns version
Probably a special flower thread, but I'll ask anyways. I lost the pants to go with my linen suit so I only have the blazer. I have a summer wedding to attend in june. It's a low key, outdoor wedding in cottage country. Wondering what color pants would go best with a mid-charcoal linen blazer (like below). Navy? light grey? dark charcoal? I was thinking of pairing with white shirt, navy knit tie and mid/dark brown wingtips.
I'm pretty sure that those are leftover wings+horns stock. Yours wont have the stamp. You guys should double check on the stacked leather heel as mine didn't have them when I bought them last fall (I asked but they didn't have any in stock). Mine also don't have the dayton stamp and are leather lined in brown. My oil tan brown is the same as the cherry posted on the last few pages.
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn I put O.K. Oil on them, as you can see it darken them quite a bit. Anyway to make them lighten up so they look Cherry as before? Also, there is a heel insole for better comfort, it is a little bit uncomfortable, but after breaking in, it should be much better. Right now, I'm choosing to not use an insole. Are yours leather lined (the white material shown in the second last picture that's on the inside...
Do the chambrays fit a little bigger than the other shirts? I only have the chambrays and realised that the medium is a little too big.
Yeah, go 1 size down from your brannock device/dress shoe size. I would also say that they run narrow. My E width is like a modern day D width. If anybody gets the oiled black in an 8.5 and they don't work out, keep me in mind (can't afford a new pair right now).
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn if you use the measuring guide online, then Dayton will custom fit the boot for you. It's not a bespoke/mtm boot. The measurements are just to compare to the last to help determine your size. When I bought mine, the lady told me the last only came in one width, E. Correct me if I'm wrong.
As for sizing, I have a pair in brown. I went down 1 size from my dress shoe size. They are marked an E width but they are more of a d width, probably due to the 50's last. They are narrow in the instep. Has anybody seen the oiled black leather they are offering? If so, Is it smooth or pebble grained?
Quote: Originally Posted by mischief SnuffDaddy posted this pic of the oiled brown in the Official Sales Alert Thread ( This is my pair I bought last November. Haven't had a chance to wear them yet since when i got them, snow was already on the ground and it's just disappearing now. As for sizing, I am a standard 9.5d dress shoe and I went down to an 8.5. They're marked an E width...
Any discounts or regular price of $400?
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