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LoL   Obviously over my head, but perhaps you could explain the difference between a "Socialist" and a "Marxist"?   For example, in pursuit of an agenda to disarm the masses would a socialist make the false claim that the human tragedy behind this thread was caused by "legally obtained weapons"?   Would a "Marxist" enthusiastically acknowledge the individual right to bear arms and recognize that the weapons used in this tragedy were not "legally obtained", but that they...
  You want SC's? Let me show you my latest 2 pairs which arrived just in time for the Holidays:-   1- 105 in Burgundy / Merlot marbled finish (with very slight almost imperceptible golden chestnut undertones). Hand polished to perfection with the usual typical SC hand carved and hand finished shoe trees which slip in and fit like high performance racing pistons! None of that cheap crappy Edward Green "one size fits all" rubbish here.                   2- 401 Balmoral...
  This is exactly what I keep hearing over and over from St Crispins enthusiasts.   US 10E and my best fitting SCs are 8.5G.   Bespoke? I know exactly what you mean, I own bespokes from JL of St James, from Cleverley's and from JL of Paris and the MTO SC's are right up there.
Which one do you use? Stalin or Karl Marx?
+ 1000!!!   Yes!   Anyone who really believes government does NOT want to take away our rights CANNOT be reasoned with, and THAT is the reason socialism has crept so far into our modern western culture.
Merry Christmas to you too!   I don't mean to be rude but are you perhaps the same Nick from Bespoke England?   I have been registered with SF for 6 months now and I never realized the owner of the G&G retail site might also be a SF member!   LOL!   If you are the same Nick I am the guy who sent you an e-mail with a bunch of urls of G&G stuff I am interested in buying, I really do hope you have had time to look through them because I am a REALLY keen buyer!   If you are...
You may not realize this but St Crispins lasts usually should be worn one half size smaller and wider.   The creasing on that shoe is identical to the one pair of St Crispins (my first pair) which I bought thinking it was my size.   I have since gone down 1/2 size and although slightly tight at first wear the remainder of my SC shoes make Edward Green look and feel like cheap crap by comparison.  
I'm still on the fence about whether a peak lapel in seersucker is a cool twist or inherently wrong. TB - ye difficult choice
Wow!! This is so Yech!! Would hate to be a doctor, or a dentist!
Has anyone tried methylated spirits filtered through a loaf of brown bread?
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