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Hello Guys. I just bought a nice "Brioni Sport" jacket. The tag inside literally says "Brioni Sport" on it. My concern is that although the quality seams very good it doesn't have as much detail as the jacket that I have that just says "Brioni". Could "Brioni Sport" be a cheaper line of clothing from Brioni? Did Brioni even have a separate "sport" line? Thanks.
Harris per Sutorious. Bought in Genova Italy. Hand Painted and very unique.      
"Harris Per Sutorio           us" in Genova Italy. Hand Painted and very unique.
Hello,   Im in my last day in Florence. I have been looking at various boutiques near the center but I would really like to fing good places to buys some boots and shoes and some shirts and maybe a jacket and some belts.  I went on Silvano Lattanzi´s Site but they dont have a boutique in Florence. Can anyone recommend where to go?  Currently all I have bought are some beautiful Harris Shoes.   Regards!
Anyone ever heard of Michael Reslan in NYC?  He has a penthouse boutique store by appointment only.
I would say Brioni or Kiton directly in Italy.
Im in for 2 seperate orders of 10ml.
Hello,   I was recently looking to purchase more Brioni Jackets and I started looking at some Canali Jackets that were on sale also. By looking at the cut and the sewing I determined that they were of good quality. My question is, how much of a difference is there in quality between a Brioni and a Canali jacket?  The price difference is very large.  Can someone explain to me the details.    Regards!
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