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These are brand new one wash size 28 PBJ XX-005 from BiG. They're unworn, I just tried them on straight for a moment, there's no set creases. Beautiful pair, just a little too small for me. These are one-wash so they should stretch with wear. Measurements: Tagged Size: 28 Actual Waist: 27" Inseam: 34" Upper Thigh: 10" Knee: 7.25" Leg Opening: 7.25" Front Rise: 9" Back Rise: 12.25" $230 Shipped $200 Shipped Full-size image: imgur
Great seller! Ships fast. Thanks
Thank you. Bump!
Quote: Originally Posted by flyindarkness I really dig this too. how much did you pay for them? About $240, which is well below what they retail for ($450+)
I just wanted to chime in on this thread and thank CityConnection for all the advice he's given on an excellent thread. I just got back from picking up my new frames from the boutique: REIZ Falke in Blond/Black
Quote: Originally Posted by incastoutcast Those look a lot like the blacks I have, actually. Quote: Originally Posted by melonadejello Yeah those look to be the "smoke grey" rather than the grey....grey...but they look very nice indeed. Yeah, I think you're right on the "Smoke Grey." They definitely look black in the pictures but I blame that on the lighting. When I finally got a look at them outside in the sun...
Figured I'd throw in my Grey Suede pair since I don't see many pictures of them and the color seems to vary a lot. Or maybe it's just my lighting. Mine just came in today. I special ordered them from a local Clark's store. Three days shipped for free. I had to size down 1 from my usual in Chucks. Forgive the quality of pictures since I'm inside. I don't know if it's just me, but these are super dark. Pretty much different than the Greys I saw on Zappos (lighter...
IRIS (아이리스) Loved the cast for this one. A sequel is in the works but I hear lead actor Lee Byung Hun will not be returning since it will conflict with his filming of GI Joe. And Kim So Yeon and Kim Tae Hee are very easy on the eyes
I had never heard of The XX before reading this thread, and I'm glad I did. They have such a unique sound that's addicting to listen to.
Quote: Originally Posted by v0rtex 3am phone calls about servers being down. Why is it always 3am
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