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Really nice.  I love them both...you have made wise choices my friend. 
Well Yeckel, I've had mostly good experience with Gustin, but that one did indeed suck! 
I ordered the 23 oz.  I'm a size 38 and I ordered a 38.  They came to me small, size 36 measured with a tape measure.  I decided to keep them and work on them by wearing and trying to stretch them out to my needs.  I have worn them about 20+ times and they now measure 38.5.  So, yea, they did come in small, but they potentially stretch substantially if you need them to.  I'm not saying this is a preferred method, but if they are a bit tight and you are willing to be...
I have some new Iron Ranger 8111 boots.  I will wear them maybe 1-2 times per week and not very hard.  The leather is "oil tanned".  I don't think I need waterproofing since I don't spend time jumping around in the mud or anything.  Should I condition these in the first year (Obenauf's or something) or just let them age for a while before doing anything? 
There is a strong market for new Gustins that people have fit problems with.  You can usually get what you paid for them.  People are interested because they can get them quickly without the wait.  So, if they don't fit, just sell them on the Gustin forums or on the bay.  Also, if they don't fit, you must acquit (oh wait, wrong thread). 
Why not just sell them and get another pair that fits?
^I agree....I'd probably get some G-Chinos, but I''m not sure how they would fit.  Measurements can only tell you so much.  With jeans, at least there is some room for error....if you get a tight fit, they stretch....if they are loose, that's OK too because loose jeans are "a thing".  Chinos have to fit correctly or they are useless.  Also, I don't want a 36 inseam as I'm not going to cuff or stack Chinos, so right there is a reason to look at other brands.  For some...
I guess, like mdubs says above, the Allen Edmonds Towne.  Since not much comes up on an internet search, we can assume it was a pretty old model.  You can try selling them as "vintage" but I would not expect to get too much for them.  They do seem to be in good shape, but AAA is very narrow and a tough size to sell on the bay.
Cool Iron, that's a great job ^^^
Yes, you are right.  thanks to all for your replies as well.....the kid will indeed be cleared to wear the shell Daltons. 
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