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Just giving my opinion to @joshgustin - I've been buying a lot of stuff (jeans, shirts, belts, bags) so I have earned the right to voice it.    I'm a fan and supporter.   I think Gustin should offer custom hem lengths.  It's a shame they do these nice chain stitch hems that most of us get re-hemmed anyway.  I would gladly pay an extra $10-20 to get the length I wanted and it would save me the aggravation of mailing them out to get a decent hem job. 
In my opinion, the "dent" is not that big of a deal and might work itself out as you wear them in....I doubt it will get worse over time.  The discoloration is also not a big deal IMO, but only you can decide whether or not you can live with it.  The brogue patterns are a bit off, but nobody would likely notice.  If you paid less than $400 for them, I would personally keep them.
I'd like to see the pics too.  How much did you get them for? 
When you get laid for the first time upon relocating to China, please post here EXACTLY what you were wearing.
Having read this, I will add this thought - In many cases, Gustin shirts are made to go with their jeans.  It is not unreasonable to think that people would wear then untucked when they are worn with jeans.  It's a common casual look.  Wearing jeans with an untucked button down casual shirt would not make somebody a slob in my book.  To the contrary, it's a pretty hip look.  Having said that, Gustin shirts are not the best for this purpose - at least for me.    On...
By "boring work", I assume you mean THE WORK.   The best bosses are the ones who also actually do the work, understand the work, and know what it is like for the people who are doing it.  It is a terrible manager who sits in his comfortable office looking down on the poor bastards outside, unable to relate to them and unwilling to be associated with them.  The term "lead by example" is so popular for a reason.  I would suggest you take a look at your attitude and realize...
What do you do for a living?
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