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I'd personally avoid buying a blazer without trying it on first. Hence, the limitation of the Gustin model.  Also, they appear rather, ummm...wrinkled. 
I'm considering a CT suit.  Don't really want to spend big money since I only wear suits maybe 15 days out of the year.  Does anyone know if the NY stores have a full selection of suits? 
Stay dehydrated. 
The jackets look nice, but I'd really like to be able to try something on before dropping the cash on it at that price point.  A leather jacket has to fit well, and that is difficult to determine based on a few measurements alone.  
@joshgustin Any chance of ever seeing a Gustin boot made from Horween Shell Cordovan?  Sorry if this has already been asked. 
Well, I was one of the people bitching about the side scoops, so I'm gonna back one of these new 2 pocket shirts since they took the initiative to respond to some of our voices.  I like it Gustin. 
sorry, deleted post...image not showing properly 
Carmina Walnut Wingtips 10.5 UK, best offer    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Carmina-walnut-Longwing-Shoes-Size-11-5-US-/301702807844?hash=item463ee38124
Sometimes they take a couple of weeks to ship.  It's been a week since you ordered, so it's normal for them.  I would not worry. 
Maybe he's Dutch. 
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