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I personally believe Roman continued to take peoples money, knowing that he would probably never be able to deliver the goods as promised.  This was in an attempt to try to save his business.  Is that a scam?  To me, yes, it is. 
I basically stopped ordering from Gustin (after many orders) because they don't do custom inseam.  If they did, I would be back.  If not, I'll just go elsewhere.
I think it's safe to say that with all the negative publicity on the internet, it's going to be virtually impossible for Lawless to succeed at this stage. 
I ordered from this company on November 3rd.  I have received nothing.  Order from them at your own risk.  I would not recommend obviously. 
I ordered a few shirts in November.  Nothing.   Nothing.  Crickets. 
Wore my duck canvas Miner chinos to my office job today for the first time.  I felt absolutely stellar all day with these things on.  Love the feel, the fit, and the quality.  I will definitely buy more in the future.  These are much better than the typical chinos you find around town. 
OK.  I'm not sure if that would be something you would like to do, but I would recommend you start lifting and taking in some protein supplements and quality foods to bulk up your muscles a little.  Not that you need to be a muscle-head or anything, but your shirts, as well as you as a whole, would probably look better if you add some bulk, preferably in the form of muscle.  I'm serious about this. 
Do you lift weights? 
Does anybody have the 15 oz heavyweight chinos from Samurai?  I want to check a pair out and was wondering if you thought they were worth it. 
The brown organic cotton's are great looking, but once you go north of $175, the deal is off for me with the Gustin wait time.  I'd rather go try something on and be sure for that price. 
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