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Why not just sell them and get another pair that fits?
^I agree....I'd probably get some G-Chinos, but I''m not sure how they would fit.  Measurements can only tell you so much.  With jeans, at least there is some room for error....if you get a tight fit, they stretch....if they are loose, that's OK too because loose jeans are "a thing".  Chinos have to fit correctly or they are useless.  Also, I don't want a 36 inseam as I'm not going to cuff or stack Chinos, so right there is a reason to look at other brands.  For some...
I guess, like mdubs says above, the Allen Edmonds Towne.  Since not much comes up on an internet search, we can assume it was a pretty old model.  You can try selling them as "vintage" but I would not expect to get too much for them.  They do seem to be in good shape, but AAA is very narrow and a tough size to sell on the bay.
Cool Iron, that's a great job ^^^
Yes, you are right.  thanks to all for your replies as well.....the kid will indeed be cleared to wear the shell Daltons. 
My kid, who now has the same size 13 shoe that I have, wants to wear my shell Daltons when he performs with his band (he's only 13).  He wants to wear them with jeans and an OCBD untucked to get what he calls "the Dave Mustaine look".  Should I let him rock the Daltons?     I'm usually pretty gentle with shoes and I know he will not be as easy on them as I am.  ha ha  I think it's probably OK.
Of course you are going to get picked apart in a thread like this.  It's a set up for criticism.  The shoes may not be perfect, but they look pretty solid.  I'd proudly wear them.  I would like to know how comfortable they feel to Claghorn.  The leather creasing may not be the most desirable, but the material looks soft and comfortable and the shoe is generally styled well.
That's a killer jacket.  Nice.
Yes you were, but with the variety of different fabrics Gustin uses, I can't believe there are not people here who have achieved great fading.....I hope they start posting pics of them here.  I'd like to see some great worn in Gustins posted here.
Well, that's not much of a fade....    Come on, somebody has to have some good Gustin fades?   anybody?
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