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Does anybody know how the Carmina store in Barcelona compares to the Madrid stores in terms of size and stock?  I will be in Barcelona in Feb and might stop in.  I had great luck at the Madrid store a couple of years ago. 
Me too.  I used to have a brush for black, another for brown, and one for burgundy.  Now I just use any brush for any pair and it seems fine.
I always lose my gloves, so any pair of gloves that is available and intact seems great to me. 
A computer bag made of the same leather as the tote - that'd be what I'm looking for. 
Usually at the end of the month or sometimes (rarely) early in the next month.  They are pretty good with hitting dates on the late end of the window, or at least coming close.  With Gustin you have to be patient.  Just order it and then forget about it for a little while.
It can still take quite a while.  It depends on the product, but you could have another month to wait. 
Here they go again...  LOL  
Generally sneakers are meant to be soft and comfy.  Shell is stiff.  Can someone please tell me why you would want a shell sneaker?  I'm intrigued, but I'm not so sure of the practical nature of the venture.  I guess the price is OK.  I wish we could get shell shoes for that price. 
This is quite possible Patrick.  
Please film this if you do it.  Thanks. 
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